New World Weapon Mastery Guide Part 7 – War Hammer

Robert won the seven kingdoms simply by rocking up at the Trident and being the biggest dude there, with the biggest hammer there. So, if you wan’t to do the same and simply dominate foes within the New World MMO with your massive girth, you’re in luck because part seven of the weapon guide series is here, and we’re going to cover the War Hammer. Grab your breastplate stretcher get ready to plan your massive hammer wielding New World character now.

If you’re unfamiliar with the series thus far, we’ve been going through each weapon mastery in Amazon’s new MMO game New World. MGN was lucky enough to be invited to the closed beta for the game, and subsequently we’ve put in some time getting to know the feel of the weapons within the game, and how they feel to use in general. The purpose of these guides is to allows the players and readers like yourself, to have a keen understanding of how a particular weapon will operate within the game, and give you an opportunity to plan which skills, augments and passives you’d like your character to focus on when the game launches. Specially, this part will focus on the two handed weapon in the war hammer.

Why is this important? Well, the weapon mastery system has two different skill trees that have two quite varying playstyles. And whilst you’ll be able to get a lot of skills from both of those trees, you won’t be able to have them all. This picking and choosing between options is what will set your hammer wielding character apart from the next persons, along with obviously your gear, your stats, your secondary weapon, and things of the sort. But, you get the idea. You can’t have everything, so planning a build is key.

Over the course of the series, we’ll be looking at every weapon type that is available, and how to accentuate them with your statistical decisions. So, if we haven’t covered your preferred weapon type yet, or you know what archetype you want your character to follow, but there isn’t a guide as of yet – fear not, I’m going to do them all!

Get ready to smite foes with a wide array of huge hammer heads!

When focusing on where to allocate your level up stat points, and which attribute you should be focusing on with your gear choices, it is important to remember that war hammers benefit solely from your strength stat, and will get no contribution from any other points. However it is never a bad idea in basically any build to grab plenty of points in constitution, especially if you’re going to play a melee character – which naturally the war hammer will be. You’re going to be in the thick of the fight, and you’re going to be getting aggro from more than one mob at a time, so you wan’t to be able to take a few hits without getting sent to the death screen.

As far as secondary weapons, I’d recommending sticking with a weapon that benefits highly, if not also solely, from your strength stat. This means that you don’t have to dilute your potential statistically by investing some points in intelligence or dexterity, somewhat gimping your potency.

As such I’m going to HIGHLY recommend pairing the war hammer with the hatchet as a secondary weapon. The two work great together for a few reasons:

  • The hatchet provides a method of pulling mobs to yourself, with the option for multiple
  • You can apply debuffs and DoT effects whilst the mob and you travel from a pull
  • Hatchet’s also benefit solely from strength, so there’s no diluting your stats
  • Hatchet skill trees provide access to cleanse, and stamina regen aplenty

Like I mentioned earlier the weapon mastery system is split into two skill trees. The leftmost for the war hammer is referred to as ‘Juggernaut’ and focuses on the dealing and surviving of damage. Whereas the rightmost tree is referred to as ‘Crowd Crusher’ and apart from having one of the coolest skill tree names, this side focuses on crowd control effects like stunning, knockdown, and so on.

We’re going to take a look at the active abilities of the Juggernaut skill tree first, and then the augmentations that you can select along with those actives, before swapping over to the Crowd Crusher tree and doing the same, and then going over the passives for both of those trees:


Active Skill 1: Armor Breaker

A powerful swing that ignores 35.0% of the foe’s armor, and deals 140.0% weapon damage.

Cooldown: 12 Seconds

Armor Breaker Augments:


Makes the attack unstoppable and unblockable.

Lasting Trauama

Armor Breaker now causes rend, reducing the foe’s damage absorb by 15.0% for 10.0 seconds.

Opening Act

Increases Armor Breaker damage by 15.0% if the target is at full health.

Active Skill 2: Mighty Gavel

Overhead swinging attack wherein you leap forward and crush the hammer down on those hit for 160.0% weapon damage.

Cooldown: 22 Seconds

Mighty Gavel Augments:

Summary Judgement

Increased gavel damage by 20.0% against targets under 30.0% health.

Impact Fracture

Increased stamina damage of the gavel by 25.0%.


After connecting with the gavel, gain 30.0% more movement speed for 3.0 seconds.

Justice for All!

Pressing light attack during the gavel animation will cause a secondary follow up smash.

Active Skill 3: Wrecking Ball

Strike the ground with your hammer and deal 120.0% weapon damage, knocking down the target.

Cooldown: 15 Seconds

Wrecking Ball Augments:

Hitting a target with wrecking ball grants you 20.0% damage resistance for 4.0 seconds.

Breathing Room

Turns wrecking ball into a 1.5 meter AoE attack.

Crowd Crusher

Active Skill 1: Clear Out

A wide swinging attack that knocks enemies back 4.0 meters, and deals 115.0% weapon damage.

Cooldown: 15 Seconds

Clear Out Augments:

Power Cleaner

Connecting with Clear Out now grants a 6.0 meter AoE buff to yourself and allies, increasing defence for 10.0% for 4.0 seconds.

Clean and Refreshed

Cooldown for Clear Out is reduced by 5.0% for each enemy hit with the swing.

Swing Away

Hitting with Clear Out grants you increased movement speed by 30.0%, for 3.0 seconds.

Active Skill 2: Shockwave

Slam the ground with your hammer and inflict an AoE 2.0 second stun in a 3.0 meter radius from impact, dealing 80.0% weapon damage.

Cooldown: 20 Seconds

Shockwave Augments:


Shockwave now inflicts weaken, decreasing damage dealt by foes cause by 10.0% for 10.0 seconds.

Meteoric Crater

Increases the shockwave radius to 4.0 meters.

Active Skill 3: Path of Destiny

Strike the ground and cause an eruption that travels forward and deals 110.0% damage to all enemies hit.

Path of Destiny Augments:

Seismic Waves

Path of Destiny now staggers all hit.

Stimulated Reduction

All abilities cooldowns are reduced by 5.0% for each enemy hit with path of Destiny.


Hardened Steel

Heavy attacks are now unblockable and uninterruptible, gaining 20.0 damage reduction during.

Epitome of Bonk

War Hammer basic attacks have 10.0% more armour penetration.

Exhaustive Attacks

All War Hammer abilities now reduce the foes stamina regeneration by 15.0% for 5.0 seconds. This is capped and will not stack.

Quick Recovery

Cooldowns are reduced by 7% when landing a heavy attack.

Hammer Time

Heavy attacks grant 20.0% increased damage for 4.0 seconds.


Heavy attacks deal 15.0% more damage against targets under 30.0% health.

Power Through Pain

Deal 35.0% more damage for 1.0 second after taking damage.


Connect with a light attack against an enemy with any active debuff reduces all War Hammer cooldowns by 7.0%.


Damage absorb increased by 10.0% if 2 or more enemies are within 5.0 meters.

Facilitated Expedition

Attacking a target with any active debuff will increase your movement speed by 15.0% for 3.0 seconds.


After landing two light attacks with your hammer, reduce the length of your debuffs held by 25.0%

Cooldown: 5 Seconds

I Can Do This All Day

Reduce stamina consumed when blocking melee attacks by 30.0%.

Guarded Sprint

Reduce damage taken by 10.0 while sprinting.

Concussive Impact

Targets that have your hammer induced debuffs take 15.0% more damage from your attacks.

Prevailing Spirit

Crowd Crusher abilities gain 35.0% lifesteal.


Whenever you induce a CC effect with your hammer, the target is also slowed by 20.0% for 4.0 seconds.


That just about wraps things up for our overview of the War Hammer mastery for Amazon’s new MMO in New World, we hope that you’ve found the information useful in planning out your character, and we hope to see you online! If you have any suggestions or comments, we’d love to hear from you on the blog, our YouTube channel of course, the new MGN twitter @MGN_TV, and our Discord – links for all of which can be found within the description of the video overview.

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