New World Weapon Mastery Guide Part 8 – Life Staff

For those of you that enjoy supporting and keeping your team mates alive, rather than ensuring your their foes are not, the Life Staff exists in New World for you.

If you played a healer in other genres, then the support character role that the Life Staff revolves around is going to feel very familiar in terms of gameplay mechanics in terms of: dealing AoE heals, cleansing/dispelling of debuffs and damage over time effects, providing nuke heals, and applying various buffs and boons to your allies. So if you enjoy playing characters like Mercy in Overwatch, White Mage in Final Fantasy, Enchantress in Dota 2, or the Priest in World of Warcraft, then investing your character in the skill trees for the Life Staff is going to be exactly what you’re looking for gameplay wise.

The weapon mastery system within New World allows the player to pick and choose between two different skill trees relating to the performance and aptitude of their wielded weapon. Rather than selecting a class and then having your skills based on choices within that class, New World is much less restrictive in allowing for the wielding of two weapons and those two having a total of four skill trees to mix and match your skills from.

This might imply that two players using the same weapon will have the same tools and their disposal, and that the only different between the two will be gear, and statistical decisions made upon leveling up. This isn’t true though, as even with completely leveling a weapon to max, you will not have enough points to select every skill, augment and passive from both skill trees. So, it’s in the decision you make in which to select and give priority to, that will also set you apart from other Life Staff wielding players.

In that vein I have decided to put together overviews for each of the weapons and their skill trees, based on information gathered during the closed beta. That allows players like myself who enjoying planning a build, and working toward that plan, the opportunity to see each of the skills that is on offered, and make their priority and skill slot decision prior to the game’s launch next month.

Over the course of the series, we’ll be looking at every weapon type that is available, and how to accentuate them with your statistical decisions. So, if we haven’t covered your preferred weapon type yet, or you know what archetype you want your character to follow, but there isn’t a guide as of yet – fear not, I’m going to do them all!

As far as the attribute that is going to make your Life Staff more potent, the weapon purely relies on the Focus statistic, and gains no benefit from Strength, Dexterity or even Intelligence.

Your attribute options, gained from leveling up and more so from your gear!

Whilst it is true that the Life Staff is the only weapon that scales off the Focus attribute, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth investing in, in general for your intelligence based character. So, if you want to use the Life Staff as a secondary weapon, to either the Ice Gauntlet or the Fire Staff, well you won’t be wasting points investing in Focus where you could be spending them on your weapon’s scaling attribute in intelligence.

Why is this the case, and how does Focus help a weapon class that solely benefits from Intelligence? Through the benefits that come from having a high Focus stat:

  • 50 Focus +10% mana regeneration rate, +10% fishing line tension
  • 100 Focus +20 to mana pool, +10% yield increase when salvaging
  • 150 Focus +20% healing output, -10% decrease in weight of fishing items
  • 200 Focus +20% duration on casted buffs, +10% fishing line tension
  • 250 Focus +30 mana on any self or group kill, +10% increase to caught fish size
  • 300 Focus When mana hits zero gain 200% mana regen for 10s (60s cooldown), 10% cooldown reduction for Inn fast travel

As you can see, not all of these benefits will specifically apply to your intelligence based character, but of lot of them will provide you with enough of a benefit to make the Life Staff a consideration when choosing a secondary weapon. So don’t fear that investing in focus will be a waste, just because the Life Staff is the only weapon that it scales from, because you will get the mana and cooldown benefits from hitting the stat points above.

The ‘Waterlogged Life Staff’ – Tier 5!

Now that we’ve covered your statistical decisions and weaponry that isn’t the staff itself, we’re going to look into the aforementioned skill trees and how they differ. The leftmost skill tree is referred to as ‘Healing’, and unsurprisingly this tree focuses heavily on healing as many people for as much health as possible. The rightmost tree is referred to as “Protector” and whilst this tree does have some healing capabilities, the focus is more on granting buffs.

We’re going to take a look at the active abilities of the Healing skill tree first, and then the augmentations that you can select along with those actives, before swapping over to the Protector tree and doing the same, and then going over the passives for both of those trees:


Active Skill 1: Divine Embrace

Heal the target for 150.0% of your weapon damage.

Cost: 25 Mana

Cooldown: 6 Seconds

Divine Embrace Augments:


Reduce mana cost to 20.

Shared Struggle

If the target recipient is below 50.0% health, then heal a nearby (8.0 meters) ally for the same amount.

Rebound (Requires Shared Struggle)

If the second recipient is also below 50.0%, then heal a third nearby (8.0 meters) ally for the same amount.

Active Skill 2: Sacred Ground

Create an AoE at the target that lasts 15.0 seconds, and heals those inside for 20.0% of your weapon damage every second.

Cost: 15 Mana

Cooldown: 20 Seconds

Sacred Ground Augments:

Holy Ground

Regenerate mana and stamina 100.0% faster, whilst inside the AoE.


Whilst allies are inside the AoE, they receive 50.0% more healing from all sources.

Active Skill 3: Splash of Light

Heal yourself and all allies within 100.0 for 50.0% of your weapon damage.

Cost: 15 Mana

Cooldown: 15 Seconds

Splash of Light Augments:

Shared Recovery

Healing a target that is below 50.0% health will grant you 3.0% of your max mana.


Splash of light now removes the first debuff from those affected.


Active Skill 1: Orb of Protection

Shoot out a ball of light that grants 15.0% fortify to allies hit for 20.0 seconds. Also heals those allies for 10.0% weapon damage, and harms foes for 146.0 weapon damage.

Cost: 16 Mana

Cooldown: 10 Seconds

Orb of Protection Augments:

Protector’s Blessing

Hitting an ally with the orb grants them recovery for 10.0 seconds, which heals them for 7.5% of your weapon damage every second.

Shared Protection

Hitting an ally with the orb now grants you fortify and recovery, in addition to that ally.


When the orb connects with any target, it’s affect is applied to all allies within a 3.0 radius.

Active Skill 2: Light’s Embrace

Heal the target for 100.0% of your weapon damage, with an additional 30.0% for each active buff they have.

Cost: 18 Mana

Cooldown: 4 Seconds

Light’s Embrace Augments:


Receive 25.0 stamina when healing an ally with Light’s Embrace.


When connecting with Light’s Embrace, gain 1.0% of your max mana for every buff the target has.


Healing with Light’s Embrace active skill will extend all Life Staff buffs by 2.0 seconds.

Active Skill 3: Beacon

Shoot out a ray of light that deals 146.0% weapon damage to enemies hit, attaching to the target hit and healing all nearby allies for 20.0% of your weapon damage each second for 10.0 seconds.

Cost: 16 Mana

Cooldown: 35 Seconds

Beacon Augments:

Infused Light

Beacon AoE is now 50.0% larger.

Radiance’s Blessing

Beacon lasts 5.0 seconds longer.

Speed of Light

Targets healed by the beacon gain 20.0% movement speed for 3.0 seconds.


Desperate Speed

Healing an ally with less than 50.0% health will reduce your Life Staff cooldowns by 10.0%.

Cooldown: 5 Seconds

Sacred Protection

Whilst you wield a Life Staff, you and your allies gain 10.0% more base health.


Connecting with a light attack reduces your cooldowns by 5.0%.

Enchanted Justice

When you take damage, activate a healing AoE radius of 4.0 meters than heals you and allies for 10.0% weapon damage each second for 6.0 seconds.

Cooldown: 2 Minutes


landing a heavy attack increases your healing output by 10.0% for 10.0 seconds, up to a maximum of 30.0%.

Divine Blessing

Healing an ally below 50.0% more increases the heal by 30.0%.

Bend Light

After a successful doge, heal for 20.0% more for 5.0 seconds.

Defensive Light

Blocking a melee attack grants 5.0% of your max mana.

Protector’s Strength

Having an active buff on yourself makes you heal for 10.0% more.

Spirits United

Increase mana regeneration for yourself and group members by 3.0%.

Protector’s Tough

Life Staff basic and heavy attacks reduce your incoming damage by 15.0% for 3.0 seconds when successfully hitting a foe.


If attacked whilst below 50.0% health, gain 10.0% movement speed for 5.0 seconds.

Cooldown: 20 Seconds

Glowing Focus

Buffs you grant last 20.0% longer.


Life Staff basic and heavy attacks no longer consume mana.

Absolved Augments:

Mending Touch

Life Staff heavy attacks now remove the first debuff from an ally, when passing through them.

Blissful Touch

Light Staff basic attacks now heal any ally they pass through, for 20.0% of your weapond damage.


That just about wraps things up for our overview of the Light Staff mastery for Amazon’s new MMO in New World, we hope that you’ve found the information useful in planning out your character, and we hope to see you online! If you have any suggestions or comments, we’d love to hear from you on the blog, our YouTube channel of course, the new MGN twitter @MGN_TV, and our Discord – links for all of which can be found within the description of the video overview.

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