Friday Night Funkin’ VS Cyrix – Full Week Mod

Friday Night Funkin’ fans, are you ready to meet Cyrix the music producer? Well, I hope so, because he’s looking to mix some tracks and get funky – with you! Oh, and he’s got a bit of a secret. You’ll find out about when he goes into system malfunction!


Cyrix: “Thanks for stopping in, man!” “You and your girlfriend are becoming quite the stars with what you’ve been doing”. “It all started with her Dad, huh”? “That Rockstar, and then…” “I mean between that Whitty guy, the scarecrow dude, and that church”… “It’d be weird if you two weren’t making a name for yourselves”. “I don’t even need to mention what happened in Nevada”…

Cyrix: “Anyways, I like you. “You’re like me, just trying to make it in this world through music”.

Boyfriend: “Skee bo”!

Cyrix: “That’s right man! Let’s get this going! Show me what you got”!

Boyfriend: “Skdap beep bop”!


The Cyrix FnF mod has four tracks on it. Assembly, Voltage, Integer Overflow, and System Crash.


Download V.S. Cyrix Mod here:

Download Friday Night Funkin’ here:

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