NEW WORLD MMO – ULTIMATE Fishing Guide – Everything You Need To Know!

Fishing is one of those side hobbies that most of us either neglect or don’t get into until later in our game, but like with anything else in the New World, it’s best to start early. If you want to do anything correctly, you’ll need to study a lot. It isn’t as simple as pulling out your rod and throwing it in the air.

0:000:26 – Intro
0:262:58 – Equipment
2:585:25 – Hotspots
5:257:55 – Fishing Mechanics
7:559:03 – Baits
9:0310:51 – Treasure Chests & Profits

Equipment – 0:262:58

To begin, let’s look over the fishing equipment, which can be divided into two categories: crafted equipment and quest-based equipment. As of the beta, the only fishing equipment available is a fishing rod, which may be crafted. If you’re serious about improving your fishing, you’ll want to make a better role than the one you’ll be given at the beginning of the quest or one you’ll make at your campfire.

You’ll be using the workshop bench in any town, and you’ll ideally want to get your engineering to level 50 so you can raft a tier 3 version. If you don’t have it, attempt to locate someone or know someone in your firm who can help you create one. Make sure you spend as much money as possible on it to ensure you at least have the benefits on the rod, as this will make a significant difference and basically offer you a free boost whenever you are fishing, whether in fresh water or a salt water hot area.

Quest-based fishing equipment is now available. This may change in the future and be added to the crafting menus, but for the time being, this is not an option, thus the only way to obtain fishing armor is to complete quests. The beginning of the fishing armor quest line can be found at Windswood’s tiny lake, and it will send you on a merry jog all around the tournament, accomplishing different fishing-related catching chores.

There are a few important problems worth mentioning, such as the low XP payouts and the extremely large travel distances between tasks. Do not attempt to level up by completing this quest line. This is just for the purpose of storing your fishing gear. The first pair of armor in this quest line serves no use other than to make you seem like an elderly fisherman. It has no effect on your numbers, and it isn’t until you’ve progressed pretty far down the quest line that it does.

When you start to see higher tier armor with genuine fishing qualities like uncommon catch chants and other things on it, you’ll see an improvement in your base fishing. Finally, the quest line will lead you to higher-level locales and locations, such as Greek water on level 40, before rewarding you with armor that has genuine useful benefits. So starting this quest line at level 10 is pointless because you won’t be able to get to these places well.

Hotspots – 2:585:25

These are the fishing world’s Iron Nodes, and they may be located in a variety of locations across the planet by fishing at a hotspot. You will not only catch larger and uncommon fish, but you will also receive a strike three to four times faster than if you were fishing in a regular stretch of the river, thus it is well worth it to use these widely.

Depending on your fishing level, these hot locations are rated one, two, or three stars. Certain ones may or may not allow you to catch fish. If you have adequate level and the hotspot is operational, you will require a high fishing level to use a three star hot spot.

You’ll see a little circular disturbance nearer to where the hotspot is on the map, with fish hopping in and out of it, and it’s that disturbance that is the hotspot, so you must cast into it for it to count. Casting into the one nearby lake or in the local neighborhood does not count, although it does provide you with a little amount of text.

When your cast lands, it will tell if it landed in the hotspot, so you will know if you were successful in getting your cast into that hotspot. However, there are essentially two ways to identify these hotspots. You can utilize the in-game map to do so. If you look around at tiny lake piers on the shore and notice a small dotted yellow hexagon in the shape of a little area marker, that’s a hotspot, and if you travel to the region, you’ll discover a hotspot but really a lot better way to live.

The start hotspots are the fishing world’s iron nodes, and like iron nodes, they may be depleted once they’ve been used up. Even though they provide more experience, they also have a higher possibility of dropping chests, thus they are always worth fishing.

Fishing Mechanics – 5:257:55

The basic stuff here is just to very quickly run through it F3 to bring your rod out, left click and hold to cast the longer. You hold the farther your cast so you can determine your casting distance. If you’re trying to target a hotspot, once in the water and you get a bite it’s left click to strike and start the reeling in process. You’ll then notice that you actually have a tension meter as you start to really reel in this tension will go up the more you reel and once it hits the maximum the line will break. Once you get used to it, you can actually push this pretty close to the limit but if you’re unsure perhaps it’s best to just to not go above orange.

The real basics of how the fishing mechanics actually work but how does casting distance affect line tension. The easiest way of thinking about this is to think of tension as an amount give it like a numerical figure and even if you reel in right in front of you from the other side of the pond. Sort of the quantity, the total amount of tension, that you actually need to reel in is the same yet if it’s right in front of you that tension in now only spread over five meters rather than being spread over a longer cast of 20 meters.

So in essence on the shorter cast the tension is going to build up far quicker whereas on a 20 meter cast you can reel in further before that tension stars to build up. In short, longer casts generally allow you to reel in easier although it can give you a bit of a harder time trying to hit those hot spots.

When fishing in deep water, you tend to catch larger fish but not necessarily a better rarity or more rare fish and of course, once you are fishing in hotspots, this all becomes irrelevant as the hotspot is a predefined spot a predefined location which is sometimes shallow sometimes deep and it produces all types of fish from small to large and it’s always better to fish in a hotspot than try and find a deep hotspot.

Baits – 7:559:03

Fresh water and salt water are divided into two sections. Fresh water refers to any inland lake or river, whereas saltwater refers to the ocean. Any coastal fishing baits may be obtained by gathering flints, shrubs, bulrushes, and other similar items, so you’ll undoubtedly wind up collecting some of these as you go around the uncharted New World. The missions in your collection are varied, but a good example is the firefly, which may be found in bulrushes. They’re a really nice and effective bait.

When you see bull bushes along the riverbanks, it’s usually worth collecting them. Different baits have varying degrees of efficacy, but they all enhance your chances of catching uncommon or larger fish when you’re out fishing. When you have bait in stock, you should try to utilize it as soon as possible, and as a last note, the game does allow you to use the wrong bait in the wrong water since it won’t be very successful. As a result, you must ensure that you check yourself.

Treasure Chests and Profits – 9:0310:51

These chests contain rare jewels, gold, platinum, and void metals, as well as a small amount of Azoth, all of which, with the exception of the Azoth, may be sold for substantial money, making it a very tempting procedure. Treasure chest drop rates appear to be a dark art, with many people swearing by various tactics and approaches.

Some individuals appear to use various methods, but the best way to go is to visit the hotspots. It’s not only treasure boxes; some of the fish or salvaged fish can be quite valuable. For example, fish oil is such an important component in cooking that it frequently fetches a high market price. Not all fish will offer you fish oil, but some, such as cod, will do so in large quantities, so if that’s what you’re after, you’ll want to fish in salt water.


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