Friday Night Funkin’ – VS Rosie – Pick n’ Pluck (FNF Mods)

Are you ready to take on the Elf Gang leader, Rosie? Will boyfriend get shot in the balls? Turns out Rosie with the pink gun is playing for keeps in this rap battle. Don’t let Rosie snipe you in this battle to the finish.


Boyfriend – “Beep bop bep boop”.

Girlfriend – “Worried”? “I know this isn’t a part of town we frequent, but there’s no need to be worried”. “I mean, look at all these beautiful cherry trees”! “What could be scary about that”?

Boyfriend – “Boop bep”.

Girlfriend – “I know I’m right boyfriend, tee-hee. Lighten up will ya”?

Rosie – “Hey”! “You two”! “Stop right there”! “You think you can just waltz right into Belladona territory”? “Can’t you yahoos read signs”?


  • Petals
  • Bloom


Download VS Rosie – Pick n’ Pluck Mod here:

Download Friday Night Funkin’ mod here:

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