STOP Pre-Ordering Games — CyberPunk 2077

Lewis Spears says what everyone (should) be thinking – it is time to STOP pre-ordering games – especially Cyberpunk 2077! it was promised to be the best game “ever made” – it spent 8 year in development – the entire world was excited to play this game… And then they released a bug laden, broken catastrophe. Can you believe that?

The lesson from this fiasco is simple – nobody should pre-order digital games any more. We have to learn our lesson and never pre-order a game again. You get promised stuff, then you give them your money, and then instead of them “finishing the game” and then releasing it…

We start yelling at them saying “we gave your our hundred dollars, where’s our game”? They release an unfinished product and everybody loses.

Lewis goes on to say that us, as consumers, need to stop encouraging this behaviour. If game developers can’t deliver things when they say – we need to stop pre-ordering, stop giving them our money. Imagine if a restaurant did that? We would never go to them!

Also, has Keanu Reeves ever developed a video game? No! Yes, he is a great actor, and his movies should be seen -but as soon as a developer puts more effort into promotion than finishing their game… People should start getting sus.

Paying for something before it is finished is a bad idea. No more half finished games, no more refunds.

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