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Fire Emblem: Three Houses – The Golden Deer – Which House is Best for You?

Here we are again! We’re back to profile the final house of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the Golden Deer. We’ll be talking about the house from a gameplay and story perspective and we’ll be starting with the characters.


The Golden Deer represents the Leicester Alliance and is led by Claude, heir to House Riegan. The house favors bows, magic, and ranged combat.

The Students

The Golden Deer have something of a reputation for comedy, big personalities, and memetic potential, and I can agree with that perception of them. They are a quirky bunch, and they seem to play up their gimmick of choice more than students of the other Houses do. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and many of them have aspects that balance them out very well, but it can chafe a little on the way in if you’ve played a more serious House.

While Lysithea appears to be enjoying some strong popularity, I’d like to call attention to a unit that grew on me after a while: Lorenz Hellman Gloucester. Yes, his personality leaves something to be desired, but he is very interesting as a unit. I started him out as a cavalry unit and he then began accumulating points in magic. He’s not terribly fast, but he’s tanky for both magic and regular attacks, and once he becomes a Dark Knight, he’ll be incredibly versatile.

Also a stand-out unit is sweet, sad Marianne. The girl gets gobs of magic and between that and her magic pool (physic for when someone’s far away or she can’t catch up is great), she’s an excellent healer. Her story arc is also very nice, as she legitimately grows and changes over the course of the game. She has become one of my favorites in the Golden Deer.

The Plot

Choosing the Golden Deer House puts you on the Verdant Wind route, which has a few bits in common with Silver Snow but also has its own path to follow. A great deal of meme phrases on the internet concern Verdant Wind, such as Those Who Slither in the Dark becoming advanced enough to invent dubstep, but no matter what, the route is worth it for its culmination: a battle featuring the incredible track “God Shattering Star”. A game like this isn’t complete until you’ve brought in the ominous chanting and God Shattering Star is incredible. Verdant Wind sends you up to speak with the CEO of Racism and when you clear it, you feel good.

Jokes aside, the Golden Deer House feels a bit lighter than the other two, but there is still proper gravitas to be found. Claude isn’t called the schemer for nothing, and while he can seem too casual at times, he knows how to weaponize his secrets.


The Golden Deer House is the best House for you if you want to know what the fuss in the story and on the internet is really about, and you have the patience to not charge directly into combat.

Your turn! Please share your experiences with the Golden Deer. Who are your favorites? Have you married anyone from this house?

This concludes the series of profiles concerning the main houses of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more game-spanning content!


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