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Genshin Impact Healers

In this guide, we discuss healers in-depth, as healers play a big part in Xiao’s kit. Xiao loses HP when he is in his ult, and with most people building for that ult damage, and particularly that plunge attack damage – you know he is going to be going though a lot of health. You’ll need a good healer that can keep up with him – let’s look at your options.

This list will consist of all the characters, both 4 stars and 5 stars.


Xiao differs from most characters with respect to his mobility – he is, without a doubt – one of the most mobile characters in Genshin Impact. Characters like Bennett, for example, are not very useful for Xiao as his ult cast a field on the ground that you have to stay on the ground to heal. And as noted above, Xiao likes to run around and cause havoc. It is quite easy to step outside this field. Jean is the best healer for Xiao.

Best Healer for Xiao


The best healers for Xiao are Qiqi, Jean, and Barbara – surprisingly.

Jean places a regenerative field on the ground (similar to Bennett), instead, she also instantaneously causes HP regen – so if you stay within that field, you can get your HP restored to full. She also regenerates HP with her attacks, so she can use her ult and her attacks. Also, when she is in animal character, she is going to speed up the rate that Xiao can recharge his ult.

Jean is the best healer for Xiao – she can act as both a battery for Xiao and she can heal better than most other characters. She is also easy to build, as you can pile on the attack artifacts on her.


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