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New World – 7 New Weapons Leaked!

With the imminent release of the first post-launch weapon for New World in the Void Gauntlet, data-miners have discovered more upcoming weapon releases in the same fashion that we learned about said gauntlet. This was thereafter officially acknowledged and announced by Amazon. Today, we’re going to have a look at the data-mining results, specifically surrounding the impending release of seven new weapon types.


Daggers in the one-handed tree group.

The first of which being daggers. The key takeaway from this is the “s”. Meaning that the dagger weapon type will likely be the first weapon in which we’re allowed to dual-wield in New World.

This theory is further backed up by the data-mined code:

<string key=”Dagger_GroupDesc”>Duel wielding 1-Handed weapons for close ranged melee combat and short ranged throwing attacks.</string>

It appears as though the data-mining has also revealed the titles of the two dagger skill-trees as well: Blades and Stealth. Many MMO’s tie-in their dagger-based gameplay with invisibility-like stealth mechanics; will New World be soon joining this crowd? Seems so.


A data-mined club image from New World.

The second weapon we’re going to look at is the one-handed mace weapon type in the club! It’s been much theorized that we’ll see more one-handed weapons in the future that we can mix with the shield, as currently only the sword can be used in this manner. Is the club next? Seems likely.

The code found in the data-mine reveals the weapon’s description, but does not confirm that it will be available to wield with a shield or dual-wielded:

<string key=”1hClub_GroupDesc”>1-Handed. A short reach melee weapon that is capable of a flurry of blunt attacks.</string>

r/newworldgame - Mace
Concept art for the maces.


Similar to the hatchet and great axe, it appears that the mace-like club weapons are getting a two-handed variant. The details are pretty sparse as the data-mining did not reveal the description of the weapon, nor either of its skill-trees. What we do have are some early images of the Great Club, examples that appear to be the initial launch variants of the weapon:

Celestial Gauntlets

Mages and healers fret not! While every reveal thus far has been one melee weapon or another, not counting the daggers’ ranged attack, here is now the weapon for you.

The Celestial Gauntlets! And the code that was pulled from the data-mining reveals somewhat where the weapon’s use will lie:

<string key=”CelestialGauntlet_GroupDesc”>Gauntlets that allow the wearer to summon magical restorative forces.</string>

Concept art for the Celestial Gauntlet.

We can speculate that the Celestial Gauntlet will work similarly to the Ice Gauntlet’s builder tree, in that the tree will summon something akin to the pylon but rather than dishing out the damage, the Celestial will keep your allies health topped up.


Again, the key here is the plural form of the weapon’s name within the game, suggesting that when the daggers drop, they will shortly be followed by the pistols in being dual-wield weapons within New World. Our information is pretty limited with the pistols, much like the great clubs, in that we only have the materials and various quality types that the dual-wieldable pistols will be in, and some images of them:


The two-handed ‘antique sword’.

Finally! A two-handed counterpart to the classic RPG weapon in the sword. Whilst information on how the weapon will function is limited thus far, data-mining has revealed that the developers have added a spell-sheet for the Greatsword to the game, all but confirming its addition.

As of right now, that spell-sheet has no skills within it, but it is a starting point.


The blunderbuss seems an extremely likely candidate, along with the daggers, for the most immediate release following the Void Gauntlet, as it seems the vast majority of necessary data, such as models, skills, and their icons, are already within the game.

We can theorize from the weapons description and abilities, that the blunderbuss will focus on being a higher-damage variant of the musket, with their skills and attacks having a much more limited range. For those of you that wish the Musket packed a little more punch, this may be the way to go. But you’re going to need some constitution!

Some of the code revealing Blunderbuss skills includes:

Ability_Blunderbuss_ClawShot Ability_Blunderbuss_NetShot Ability_Blunderbuss_VortexShot Ability_Blunderbuss_SplittingGrenade Ability_Blunderbuss_AzothShrapnelBlast Ability_Blunderbuss_MortarShot

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We’re loving the look of the Daggers, and are interesting to see how Amazon impliments the stealth mechanic into their game! Do you have a favourite? We’d love to hear from you on the MGN.gg blog, our YouTube channel of course, the new MGN twitter @MGN_TV, and our Discord.


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