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Get lost over again with these open world games to play in 2021! 

If you’re looking for a new open world adventure to get stuck into, something released in the last year which you haven’t been told to play a million times already, you have come to the right place. We have got quite the selection to offer from Viking survival to Greek adventures, and some classic medieval style journeys too!


In this Viking survival game, you are thrown into the weird, procedurally generated, Nordic world and must work your way to freedom, but once you step into the woods, that will be the last thing on your mind. From collecting resources to building a vase to battling mythic beasts throughout the countryside.


The reason it is on this list is because of its beautiful planets to explore, pick up side quests, discover secrets, and generally have fun shooting all sorts of corrupted monsters and people. You’re still exploring and therefore looting.


Explore stretches of beautiful wilderness to battle through, towns to question, and secrets to uncover across the map. Matching elements for battles and puzzles so you can manipulate the environment around you.


Exploring the final frontier is magical especially when it’s through the twinkling stars with fast-paced combat at every turn of the wing. Balance your time between jetting off in search of new places, frantic dogfights, crafting, mining, and even some puzzles to keep you curious.

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A lush look at British countryside and Norwegian shores plus all the legends and history that come with them. You can really get up to what you want as long as that’s viking based shenanigans but that’s all the best stuff like petting fluffy cats. A world to replace real life for hundreds of hours.


Hack stealth and fight your way around solving missions and generally having a blast as a techie mastermind. Plus, there’s the opportunity to recruit new characters so you can enjoy the action as everyone from leather jacket clown badasses to our favorites.


A strategy game where you build up your army by completing quests and starting battles as you go unlike most strategy games though. You’re getting down in the blood and dirt with the rest of them battling it out in the third person before you switch back to map view to better plan your quests.


You’re a delivery person who is tasked to pick up things, drop them off, and not ask too many questions. A thankless job but that’s the dystopia we all know and love. Grinding away with your dog for comfort and a ticking package you’d rather not think about.


An action adventure full of puzzles, battles, and a vast open world to explore each region is inspired by different gods. You will even meet various other stars and you can greet everyone you know and love all over again.

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