Escape from Tarkov – Lowest Recoil SIG MCX – .300 Blackout Breakdown

Sig MCX – Mods

You can purchase the Sig MCX from Skier at level 3, however it is much cheaper in the flea. Make sure you pick the one with all the attachments on it because you do need 2 prong muzzle break and the T Lock adapter.

In regards to ammo, note that AP is $7 per round (ouch!) while the BPZ is 91 rubles per round. Select AP rounds, as they are much better.

Barrel Length

Changing the barrel length is a bad idea for this gun. You can go from 200 mm to 171mm, but you will get some more recoil, and it doesn’t seem worth it.

You will want to add in the Sig Taper-LOK muzzle adapter which will then give you an option for a suppressor. Put on the Two Port muzzle brake as well as a SRD QD suppressor on it to get the lowest recoil possible.

Note: the 12 inch hand guard variant has a 1% recoil reduction. Throw on a strike industries keymod 6 inch guide as well as a Zenit RK 2 to get the recoil down as much as possible.


AuthorCurtis Pyke
ProgramFreedom! Scholarship
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GameEscape From Tarkov

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