New World – Frost Priest Build

Frontiersman – Hatchet/Bow DPS
Conqueror – 2H DPS
Crusader – Tank and Self-healing
Shaman – Ranged DPS and Healing

Frost Priest Build


The goal of this build is to provide a well-rounded healing spec that makes it easy for new players to get the hang of healing in New World. The reason for this is that because, in this game, you don’t have the same process as healing such as in games like World of Warcraft. Instead, most of your heals are skill shots, where you need to place them or aim them yourself. You do have some targeted heals that can be used and we’ll get into changing some settings to make those skills easier to cast.

Now just because this build is aimed at newer players doesn’t mean it’s not viable in endgame. You can take this setup all the way to max level and be just fine. Just continue to apply the principles we cover here, and you will be able to handle anything the game throws at you.

Let’s get started with the weapons and skill trees.

So, for the Frost Priest build, we need to equip the Life Staff and Frost Gauntlet. This pair of weapons synergize pretty well and will be able to give you a good combination of crowd control and healing power.

The Life Staff deals nature damage against enemies, making it useful for leveling zones and the first dungeon you will do called Amrine. This place is full of undead who are weak to nature, so you will deal extra damage to them as well as provide healing.

For the Life Staff, we want to take these nodes in the following order:

• Absolved – this will cause all of our attacks to no longer consume mana. Without this, you will not be able to heal effectively. This is an S-tier node that you need to take.

• Then we’ll pick up Sacred Ground for some AOE heals.

• Next take Divine Embrace for single target healing.

• Then pick up Blissful Touch which is connected to Absolve. This will cause your light attacks to heal allies.

• Next grab Bend Light in the Protector tree. This causes your healing to increase by 20% after you dodge.

• Then grab Beacon. This is a great skill to deal damage to enemies, but it also creates an AOE heal around the target for 10 seconds. In dungeons, this skill is such a great source of passive healing. If you ever played Resto Shaman in Warcraft, you’ll love this.

• Next pick up Privilege, Infused Light, and Holy Ground. These will help buff the skills we have by reducing their mana cost, increasing your mana regen, and improving Beacon’s range.

• Then pick up Mending Touch to cause all your heavy attacks to remove debuffs from allies.

• Then grab Radiance’s Blessing for Beacon to make it last longer

• Next pick up Blessed to give Sacred Ground more healing output

• Then grab Shared Struggle under Divine Embrace. This will create a chain heal of sorts to other nearby party members who are low on health.

• Then grab Rebound, Sacred Protection, and Intensify.

• And lastly, grab Spirits United, Revitalize, and Desperate Speed.

This setup will help you keep your team members topped off, keep your mana in check, and give you some bonus healing if your team gets cleaved since Divine Embrace is now a chain heal.

Now, flipping over to the Ice Gauntlet, let’s talk about the skills we will be using for this one.

The Ice Gauntlet is super easy to spec out. We want to take these three nodes first:

• Critical Rejuvenation – this will cause critical hits to restore mana.

• Then take Ice Storm for an AOE that slows.

• Then take Gathering Storm. This will cause three consecutive light attacks to regenerate 15 mana. And because we’ll be using mana pretty much the entire time while healing, this is how we can quickly get some of it back without relying on potions.

• Next take Critical Frost. This will give you an increased chance for critical attacks while in a frosted area, which means we need to stand in the Ice Storm or stand near our Pylon.

• Speaking of, we want to flip into the Builder tree and take the Pylon.

• Then take Empowered Frost, again this will help regain more mana as we use spells in our frosted areas.

• Next take Entombed. This will give us an iceblock which will give us a BIG boost in mana regen and make us invincible for a short duration. This can be broken, however, so don’t get up and walk off.

• After you’ve taken these nodes, the rest are up to you to take in whatever order you want to.

All connected nodes to Pylon:

  • Frozen Touch
  • Refreshing Frost
  • Energized Critical
  • Weakening Gust
  • Storm Summoner

So, because we need our Life Staff to heal, we shouldn’t be using the gauntlet for too long. Just enough to drop some crowd control, recover mana, or drop our Ice Pylon. Overall, it’s truly a support weapon.

And speaking of weapons and armor, what should we be looking for early on? Well, as you’re leveling, just focus on finding gear that is “of the priest” or “of the cleric”. These will give you increases to focus and intellect or focus and constitution. Some awesome perks to look out for are Blessed, which increases your healing bonus, and Siphoning Blow, which will cause attacks to restore mana.

Just a note, your faction weapons aren’t exactly the best thing here. They have some nice perks and decent stats, but they are really just a bridge until you can find something better. Honestly, the faction gear will start to become much more valuable once you reach Destroyer and Commander tier. Then they have Blessed and a few other nice perks that will help round this build out.

Once you get towards level cap, you can also start finding some awesome weapon drops in the world or farm weapons from bosses. Like the glowing Lifecrystal Staff from Dynasty Shipyard. This is a fantastic staff that has affixes PERFECT for this build.

Now that we’ve covered weapons and armor, let’s talk about consumables and gems.

For gems, you want to slot in a Diamond Rally gem. This will increase all your outgoing healing and damage by 15% while you’re at full health. Because you’re a healer in the backline, you shouldn’t be taking too much damage so this should be up quite a bit.

You can also slot in whichever gems you would like for your armor. If you are weak against elemental or nature, then slot in gems to protect against those. Figure out what type of damage your enemies deal and then slot warding gems to help with those too.

Now to complement gems and give you an extra boost to focus and constitution, you can eat special food that increases those stats. Early on you want things like fruit salad, venison pot roast, or melon crème tart. All of these will give you a nice focus boost for 25 minutes and increase your healing.

Before we talk about some recommended settings, let’s cover our last big topic and that’s attributes. This one is pretty straightforward. Dump all your points into Focus and make sure to reach at least 50 constitution for the consumables buff. Since we are primarily healers, we don’t want to split into intellect because we don’t need the extra damage to our gauntlet, we just use it for crowd control, so focus on focus and that will work great.

Okay, before we wrap up, I would HIGHLY recommend making these changes to your settings so that it’s easier to heal. Press escape, click on settings, then click on Gameplay. Here, turn on Targeted Healing. This will cause your heals to target group members. This makes your life MUCH easier. Otherwise, you need to line up a really small area with the person you want to heal, and because we are moving all the time, you’re going to miss a lot. Just turn this on.

Next up is Sticky Lock. I prefer this one if there is that one player who doesn’t dodge and just eats everything. This helps you stay locked to them so you can bomb heals.

The last piece is group mode. This will let you use the scroll wheel to flip through group members. It makes things super easy, so it’s a bit of a no-brainer.

Overall folks, this is a fantastic build for getting started with healing in New World and taking it all the way to endgame! You shouldn’t have any issues in dungeons, PvP, or farming runs. Just keep an eye out for all the different things we talked about here and you should be good to go!


Weapons – Early on, look for a staff with bonuses to Focus and the Blessed Perk.
Skills – Divine Embrace, Sacred Ground, Beacon.
Gear – Of the Cleric or Of the Priest. Cleric will give extra constitution. Priest will give extra intelligence.
Gems – Cut diamond: increases all healing by 15% when at full health.
Food – Venison Pot Roast, Melon Crème Tart, or Fruit Salad early on. These will increase your focus and intelligence for a bit.

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