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Press Turn System – Shin Megami Tensei V (SMT 5)

The press turn system rewards the player for either researching their foe and strategising in response, or getting lucky guessing what element and afflictions that a particular demon might be susceptible to given their appearance.

How the system works is that it gives the player and their allies additional turns for exploiting their foes weakness through their elemental affinity, or for securing and scoring a critical hit.

But be warned, the press turn system also applies to your foes! If they are scoring critical hits against you and your allies, or exploiting elemental weaknesses against you. they too are going to gain additional turns once they’ve completed their turns and actions.

The press turn extra turns indicator.

You can easily tell how many additional turns you have, as the counter one the right will illuminate indicating that you have earned an extra turn.

Each of the emblems represents your four members in combat, earning an additional turn will mean that the first member of your line-up will go again. You will need to illuminate all four icons should you wish to have the fourth member take a second action.

Scoring critical hits and exploiting weaknesses aren’t the only option for illuminating these extra turn icons though, you can also pass a turn to earn an addition press turn.

Tips for Earning an Extra Turn!

The first tip I would recommended for always securing an extra turn is making sure that you have plenty of the ‘Spyglass’ item, and investing in the miracle that allows your demon allies to use items – the ‘Knowledge of Tools’ miracle.

Unleash the Aramasa for plenty of crits!

The spyglass will give you a plethora of information on your foe, including their elemental affinities and weaknesses. Yes, you have to burn a turn using the item, but you will gain that turn back and gain many more in addition now that you know what weakness to exploit. Attack their weaknesses with your elemental attacks to earn a bank of extra turns.

The second recommendation I would make is to preserve your Magatsuhi bar for a foe that you know you will need additional turns to deal with. The Nahobino’s default Magatsuhi will enable each and every attack to become a critical hit, so be sure not to waste these turns doing anything that isn’t attacking, as each attack that is critical will be scoring you an additional turn!

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