Hitman 3 – Chongqing Keypads – All China Door Codes – End of an Era

Hitman 3 – China Door Codes

Are you looking to get the Chongqing codes? Look no further, our video guide has the answers for you. In this video, you will learn how to unlock every keypad door in “Chongqing – End of an Era”.

Door codes, keypad, and safe combinations are a critical component of this game as they enable you to unlock key things in the game. Things like new ways to do an assassination, mission objectives, and more.

ICA Facility, Laundromat, and Apartment Door Code

The code for all three of these doors is 0118. You can get the code by eavesdropping the guards.

Private Lab Therapy Room & Benchmark Lab Door Code

The second code you need is 2552. This code opens up the Benchmark Lab (where you can find Hush). Also, the code enables you to open up the Private Lab (4th floor) as well as the Therapy Room in his secret lab. Note: If you want to get the code in game (vs. in a guide like this), you can find it on a whiteboard on the top floor.

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