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HOW TO SAVE YOUR GAME AFTER 6 AM | Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach

Are you wondering how in the world are you going to save your spook-thrilled game in Five Night’s at Freddy’s: Security Breach after 6 AM? Fret not because Erderi The Fox has got you covered! We know that the animatronics have been chasing you for God knows how long and you were just too busy trying to not die that you forgot to find that save monitor.

After 6 AM, it’s all glitchy now and there’s no button to press to make it work again. Find some crates in the Pizzaplex Main Lobby and there you’ll find a robot body with the damaged head in front of it. Long press E to collect it and your timer will be deducted 45 minutes.

When you’re at 6 AM and have collected the robot head, it will reset your time to 5:15 AM. You’re technically still past 6 AM, but when you go back to the saving monitor nearest to you, saves are now available! Even I didn’t know that was a thing! Thanks, Erderi The Fox!

And now, you can use this information to your advantage! May it be resetting the time or using it for Roxy’s weakness and finding a race kart to run over Roxy. Now, that’s a trick I don’t mind doing. Do with it as you please and I hope you have fun!

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