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Will To Live Online is a MMORPG-shooter with a heavy dose of survival elements thrown in. Its story is set in the wastelands of a post-apocalyptic world. Players have to explore and survive in this large open world which is, as you can imagine, full of dangerous places, radiation, mutants, and armed survivors.


The background story is that everyone uses this radioactive material they called NDP for future technology working projects – from tele-porters to healing and everything in between. Then one day, out of nowhere, it went bad. Really bad.

To start the game, you wake up in a city hospital with a serious case of amnesia. Seriously, you can’t remember anything about who you are, what your goal in life is, etc. You start working for people with the hope that you eventually will figure out who you really are.

While you are trying to figure out who you are, you will also have to deal with a lot of external threats. Read: Mutants and Monsters of sundry types. There are a lot of ‘em, and they vary from nasty spiders and massive rats through to some very deformed (and angry) mutants. There are epic raid bosses as well, so if you are rolling with your clan, there’s fun to be had!

Maps and Voice Chat

The map is massive. There are deserts, woods, swamps, underground bunkers, canyons. The game is absolutely huge, and it’s varied too.

Another great thing about this MMO survival aspect is it also has the feel of genuine role-playing because everyone can voice talk in game (no chatting with a keyboard). Also, you will want to make sure you are alert at all times (except when in safe zones / shield zones). In some safe zones there are turrets and guards, so you may want to think twice before popping off in those areas.

If you do get killed in the game, you will lose some of your items that you have found throughout your travels. If you don’t want to have confrontations with other players, certain servers will allow you to avoid PVP (at least to level 15).


Will To Live Online — MMORPG-shooter with elements of surviving, its story is set in wastelands of the post-apocalyptic world. Players has to explore the large open world, full of dangerous places, radiation, mutants, and armed survivors.


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