The Cycle Frontier – Review

The Cycle Frontier is a completely changed game from the previous Cycle game that was released on Epic game a few years ago. The game has changed from once a competitive pvpve to a brand new Tarkov style free game that is very challenging and very vibrant.

As a prospector your task is to work for the factions that carry out the various missions they require you to do.

So, playing as a prospector, you are tasked with going down into the dangerous plant of Fortuna III and carry out various tasks – not to mention other players that are just as threatening as the creatures that are on the planet. Some players can be dangerous, some can just be there for the loot, and others are just looking to steal your equipment. Be extra careful about the latter.


The Cycle Frontier, at least as it is now shaped, is now a Tarkov style game. You will need money and in order to get money you need to get down to the planet and get stuff – lots of stuff. You then need to need to get back to the station and sell it for as much as you can.

There are no timers on the planet, so you can stay there as long as you feel ready. There are evac points in 2 random locations on the map for you to get back but be very warned other players who are near the area can see your ship and may head there to take you out.

At the moment there are currently 2 maps to explore and visit and possibly more in the future.

Small features at the station hub:

So here are some small features at the space hub worth discussing.

* Your own private quarters to make a bank for k marks and Aurum (currency)
* Storage for materials and equipment.
* A daily supply cash for weapons and armor.
* Twitch drop and insurance money if you put your weapons on the insurance.  
* In the quarters is an upgrade station for increasing storage safe stash, quicker money from the bank and better daily weapon’s cash.

Over at the factions there are 3 factions: The ICA, Korolev and Osiris

Each faction has their own unique weapons and equipment. In order to rank up and unlock some of the fancy tech and equipment, you will need to carry out missions for them. Once completed and turned in, you can then sell items for money.

Over at the center there are starter kits to buy if you are looking for something cheap to start off with or if your cash flow is low.

Over at the crafting station you can craft a variety of things, from weapon’s to shields to backpacks and all manner of weapons and equipment. Also note, with the stuff you find on the planet, you can use the stuff to make better things.

The gunplay is smooth and very unforgiving, though the Manticore is a hell of a weapon. The bolt action is a very reliable weapon for people that are really sneaky. Essentially all the weapons are good, however I have had 1 problem and that is the Manticore being so easy to get – and it can really take you out.


The graphics are truly stunning and incredible from the storm to the sounds of Fortuna III wildlife to the ruins of areas every time I drop in. I always can’t stop thinking just how pretty this game is. I love all the plants that come to life in the game and the bird creatures that get disturbed by players. The small details in the game are truly eye-catching and very much worth taking a look at.

Sounds and Audio

So let me start by saying the wildlife sounds and the sounds on the planet are really nice – from the sounds of the creatures to the footsteps of players and over grown ruined buildings to the storms and the sea.

But I do have some complaints, for example, when walking on water or next to a wall or cliff, it sounds like a player is above me. It can be quite jarring. Other than that, the audio is really good here and they did a good job.

My complaints.

So, I’m going to cover some problems myself and a few others have noticed. Firstly, I have seen a massive load of players that are having errors logging in. Most of the people that have had a problem are from Steam. Also, the people I have spoken to who use Epic have rarely encountered this error. Anecdotally at least, it appears to be a Steam related issue.

I should also note there have been some audio issues as well. Sometimes the game just cuts out in mid-game which is highly annoying coming from a game that you need to be alert at all times. I’ve been nearly taken out a few times because of this.

The fourth, and last complaint is about the Manticore gun. This weapon is way too easy to acquire and it is quite worrisome as every time I have been taken out that is the only gun that’s been used. A gun of this caliber and tier should be harder to get.

And finally the performance is a lot better than I expected. That said, I have an i5 9g and a GTX 1660 super. Trying to set it on ultra settings like I use to back in the old version of the game is very demanding and a little disappointing. Maybe I will finally have to upgrade my rig this time around.

That said, I tested it on the low, med-high and ultra settings and it’s really not a huge difference. The game looks great.


The bottom line is that I can’t stop playing this game. I have been looking for a fun, free-game to play, something similar to Tarkov. Also, the microtransactions are well done, at least for now as they are stylistic in nature.

The game is very exciting every time you drop onto the planet and if you like Tarkov style shooter games, you should give this free game a try!

Can’t go wrong with a big free game like this!

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