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Dark Deity – Worth a Wishlist!

If you’re a huge fan of the first few Fire Emblem games that came to the West, and like me, spent many an hour chasing the light with your Gameboy Advance, then Dark Deity is here for you. It’s a return to those golden days of strategic RPG games, with beautiful art for thematic scenes, and that retro-pixel feel for the strategic-map elements of the game.

Dark Deity releases sometime this Spring and is brought to the world by its developer, Sword & Axe LLC, and through its publisher, Freedom Games. The game is available to look at and add to your Steam wishlist right now, so you can check out what the game looks like and ensure that you’re getting that notification e-Mail when the game drops.

What’s drawn my attention specifically, aside from the hankering for a solid Fire Emblem-style game that’s far and away from the latest release, Three Houses, is the depth of the upgrade system. Not to say that Three Houses doesn’t have its merits, but it’s a far cry from things like Sacred Stones. So, if Sacred Stones and those similar is something that you would like more of, well here’s your answer.

Not only does the game return to the roots of strategic RPGs and preserves the art style, but it also ensures that the game is given a modern twist and has kept up with the developments since that golden age. We’re getting things that add depth to the genre in Dark Deity such as:

  • the upgrade system – each character can be build into a unique unit, and specialized with specific upgrades and stats
  • the huge cast – lots playable characters that actually have their own identity and depth and don’t just feel like they’ve been copied and pasted with different haircuts
  • 54 classes – no ridiculous gender lock unlike some game that we won’t mention, or very limiting class pathways for characters

These are just some of the reasons that lovers of the genre will enjoy Dark Deity when it launches, and it is absolutely worth checking out even if you’re not a fan of these types of games. It looks like it’s going to be the benchmark for gamers that have the old-school Fire Emblem series close to heart. Even if you enjoy the pixelated look of something more modern, like Wargroove, then Dark Deity should make its way to your wishlist.

We’re looking forward to its launch, so keep checking out on the MGN.gg blog and our YouTube channel for more news about the upcoming release of Dark Deity. We’ll be creating guides, how-to videos, reviews, and all that good stuff on Dark Deity as soon as it drops, so keep your eyes peeled.


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