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To the Rescue! – Tips and Tricks

To the Rescue! is a charming simulation game wherein you take charge of running dog shelters. You’ll be in charge of both managing the shelter and the dogs themselves, and each level and pup will present the player with different challenges to finesse where your end goal is to create a place where dogs are happy and can eventually leave for their forever home.

Today, we’re going to have a look at some of the finer points of the game to help you get a head start in perfecting your dog and shelter management. The game is not as simple as cleaning after dogs and showing them off to prospective owners. You’ll be selecting from skill trees to increase the performance of your player character as well as managing the finances, livelihood, and overhead of your shelters.

Without further ado, let’s get into our tips and tricks for mastering To the Rescue!:

  • Don’t stress yourself over the first shelter in Sunnypaws. This isn’t the one that you’re going to own or be working in for very long. Perfecting the place isn’t going to be a great investment with your time, as it’s designed to teach you the controls and the basics of gameplay before moving on to your own shelter shortly thereafter.

  • Fully vaccinating a dog will dramatically improve their chances of being adopted. Proper vaccination will result in an extra star when it comes to their potential adoption. Combine this effect with the Persuasion skill in the skill tree and you can achieve a very high adoption rate.
  • Roberta’s mystery boxes have a great return on investment rate. Despite costing 100 coins to purchase, they will often result in the return of 500 coins or several doses of each vaccine. The benefits far outweigh the cost if you’re looking for something to spend your additional coins on.

  • If you’re busy and have plenty of dogs to bathe, and many other tasks, you can initiate the bathing process and just scrub the dog once then leave to do something else. Eventually, the dog will be bathed automatically. It might be really slow, but you can multitask be off doing something else while it happens!
  • The shoe perks in the skill tree are worth their weight in gold. Time management is a huge part of the game, given that you have so many tasks to complete at any one time. As such, being able to move as quickly as possible from one area or task to another is a huge advantage and will help you succeed.
  • If you’re struggling to keep up with the specific needs of a dog, or don’t feel that you have advanced far enough into the game or unlocked the ability to suit its needs, don’t hesitate to foster the dog. This can help you prevent your shelter from being too crowded whilst you work to advancing to the point where you can meet their specific needs.

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L. P. Cowling
L. P. Cowling
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