Walkabout Mini Golf VR – Steam VR Review

If you love VR and you love minigolf, this is the game for you. This review will not be long due to the nature of the game but make no mistake out of all the minigolf games on VR, Walkabout Mini Golf is the best one, and by a significant margin.


Right from the main menu it does not hold back any swings. There is a wide breadth of courses, there are seven, eighteen hole courses unlocked by default, with night modes that can be unlocked by either meeting a score requirement or finding x amount of hidden balls. On that note, there is one hidden ball on each hole, which can be used to customize your ball. There are also difficulty options in the form of choose front or back 9 and then the level of difficulty of the courses.

The night courses are more challenging versions of the same courses with different layouts etc, so you could argue easily and fairly that there are 14 18 hole courses, that is a total of 256 holes. Each course is unique and has its own obstacles with every hole being unique, the courses are very grounded in real world mini golf inspiration rather than whacky gamey mini golf. Every course has its own unique environment, this all gels together to make it really feel like a theme park of mini golf, much better than Cloudlands 1.

The options comprise of no graphics options but there are multiple gameplay options, including put strength, angle of the club and so on, allowing you to get things feel exactly right. On that note of feeling exactly right, the physics in this feel good, absurdly good actually. Everything feels pretty spot on, and you can tell the developers Mighty Coconut have really put a lot of love and effort into this and every other aspect of the game, and it has paid off in spades.

There are also some really nice features, such as a ghost you can see after each hit, an birds eye view and so on, there are some really well thought out features that make it excel and a step above every other minigolf VR game.

Not only that but the game has online multiplayer, but not just multiplayer for other SteamVR users it has full cross-platform multiplayer. Given that this game is also on the quest ecosystem, that means there should be a decent player base always available in addition to your friends. Making the package even sweeter.  


Visually as mentioned there are no graphics options, it seems to be a straight quest 2 port, but the visuals work well, and I have no complaints it is very serviceable and gets the job done. There are no real noticeable jaggies or anything that hinders the experience.


Again, there is nothing to really talk about here, given the nature of the game, however the tracks that go with each course are very zen and could not really do a better job, they serve their purpose as a soothing backdrop to what is on screen and I can not fault them in any way.


Now given my specs, which is an 8700K @4.7GHz all cores , 16GB LL DDR4 at 3600 MHz and an RTX 3080 TUF OC, this is not exactly a great guide, but what I can say  is at 210% super resolution, the game runs at a solid 120fps on my Index looking very sharp and using just over 50% of the GPU, given how high the 210% super sample and the relatively high res nature of the Index, this is very impressive and I suspect even a very modest VR rig should run it no problem, given we are talking Quest 2 level graphics.


If you want a rock solid physics, mini golf thrill ride with challenging and well designed courses, there is nothing better than Walkabout Mini Golf VR, it is by far the best in every single area and stand at the top of all VR Mini Golf games.  It is also very reasonably priced at £11.39, $14.99 USD and $17.49 Canadian dollars.  If you have VR, enjoy Mini Gold, there is absolutely no reason not to buy Walkabout Mini Golf VR. I would love to see some post launch support with additional course DLC.


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