Runescape 3 First Impressions

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Runescape is a high fantasy sandbox MMORPG that initially released in 2001. Over the years this game has gone through many updates and is completely unrecognizable from the original release of the game.

There are two different Runescape versions:

  1. Old School Runescape is based on the 2007 version of the game at
  2. Runescape 3 (which is simply called Runescape) is the modern but less popular version of the game with more micro-transactions, skills, and a different combat system at

In this guide we will be checking out Runescape (the modern version) which recently added a new skill: Archeology.

If you want to try Old School Runescape you can download it at


  • Runescape’s questing is some of the best in the MMO genre and gives you that feeling of going on a journey.
  • This game has thousands of hours worth of content due to being around for so long.
  • Runescape 3 has a crazy amount of collectables that will take you a ridiculous amount of time to collect everything.
  • Visually they’ve done a good job in updating the game over the years.
  • As a semi afk Idle clicker to have open on your other monitor it’s one of the best games you can play.
  • Runescape gives you a long term sense of progression and many people play this as their only game.
  • Since the armour and skill reworks you get a good sense of visual progression levelling up and being able to equip newer better gear every 5-10 levels.
  • It’s a chill game that doesn’t take itself too seriously
  • Low system requirements and a very small download size.
  • The end game PVE Boss scene seems pretty good and there’s a lot of raid bosses with actual mechanics, very good PVE game overall.
  • There’s a lot of mini games you can jump into for a bit of casual fun.
  • If you’re into PVP you’ve got the wilderness where you can fight people for full loot if that’s something you’re in to.
  • You’ve got player owned houses and farms if you like that style of gameplay.
  • And you’re able to try Runescape in a limited capacity for free to see if it’s something for you.


  • Compared to other MMOs the click to move movement feels very unresponsive nowadays compared to competitors such as Albion Online.
  • It’s a lot more hand “holdy” and feels less “sandboxy” than old school Runescape.
  • The user interface is a bit of a cluster fuck to navagate as a new or returning player.
  • I really don’t like the combat, If you press your abilities manually it feels very delayed so you end up using this lacklustre revolution mode where abilities go off automatically in a certain order, Personally I’m not a fan and I prefer the simplicity of old school’s combat.
  • Even though this game has a subscription fee that most people pay to gain access to the members areas there’s still many micro-transactions on top of that and some people argue it is pay to win. For me the biggest thing I dislike about the micro-transactions is the costumes as it takes away from the sense of visual progress a new player experiences. If they buy some badass outfit at level 10, for example, the costumes stop you from seeing what someone’s wearing at a glance like you can in Old School Runescape.
  • In terms of content creation RS3 content is a lot more dead on YouTube and Twitch compared to Old School Runescape.


I think Runescape 3 is a great PVE and idle clicker game with a ton of content to work through. I personally do prefer Old School Runescape for it’s simplicity, nostalgic charm and PVP. I still think Runescape 3 is a pretty good game and I play it from time to time to AFK skills or do some questing.

When It comes to game design I think Runescape (both Old School and RS3) are fantastically well-designed games and I’ve said it many times that I wish someone would just make a third-person Runescape with action combat.

Something that would make me more enthusiastic about Runescape 3 was if Jagex was to update the combat and movement system to something more responsive. Maybe something more like Albion Online where you can move with WASD and a higher tick rate for more responsive combat.


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