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New World – Iron Mining Guide

Best Places To Farm Iron

Mining iron in New World is critical and this guide will show you the best places to get iron fast. The farming routes in this guide are incredible for quickly leveling up your mining and getting over 3,500 iron ore per hour (yes, per hour). Better yet, you can bring the iron to town and sell it for a lot of gold.

First Light

The first and most profitable route is located in First Light. This path will take you through the mountains and will take you past a few level 17 areas, so be ready to run away from mobs if you get too much aggro. Aside from that, this is a fantastic loop to follow and farm, especially early on. Note that you will not be able to complete the full route because of your inventory weight. You should reach 1,000 ore once you are full. Bring it back to town, to use or sell it, and repeat.

Another big bonus here is that after two loops I had reached level 60 mining and it took me about 30 minutes. After that, I was able to mine other things along the way, like silver and elemental nodes. This, in turn, helped me level crafting and make extra gold at the trading post.

In regards to results, I was at over 10,000+ gold within the first few hours of the game because of these routes.

Monarch’s Bluffs

The second route takes you through Monarch’s Bluffs. It is a fairly linear path through the ridgeline to pick up all the nodes there. This loop is not quite as effective as the First Light one but is very good nonetheless. Also, the route is a little more condensed so it can be done quite quickly.

Keep in mind that all these nodes will re-spawn every 15 minutes, so if you run past a node that has already been farmed, don’t sweat it as it should re-spawn relatively soon.



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