Minecraft: How to Speed run 1.16 (2021 guide)

Minecraft speed run

Step 1: Village

When you first load up a new world, the first thing you need to do is look for a village. If you do not find a village in your sight, you should reset and find a new world because finding a village would be a huge time waste! There are many different types of villages in Minecraft, I recommend finding a village that is made out of wood logs and cobblestone like a plains village. By finding this village, you can quickly grab your wood logs, create a wooden pickaxe, and pick up enough materials to create your stone tools (pickaxe, axe, shovel, and hoe).

After creating your tools, it’s time to gather up your food source! By using the stone hoe you created, you can quickly grab the hay bales scattered around the village and turn that into bread. The final thing you need to do before leaving the village is to search for the iron golem! By using 3 random blocks to climb up, the iron golem cannot reach you which gives you a free chance to kill the iron golem. While jumping, you want to damage the iron golem while falling down to deal critical damage which is a much faster way to kill the iron golem. By killing the iron golem, they drop around 3 to 5 iron ingots which you can use to create a bucket, a flint and steel, and a shield! An extra step you can do is grab the beds from each villagers house to use for later in the run!

Step 2: Lava Pool

After leaving the village, your next step is to search for a lava pool. As you go on to search for a lava pool, you should use your bucket to gather some water and break some gravel (found near water) to gather flint. By combining 1 iron ingot from the iron golem and 1 flint from the gravel, you create a flint and steel! Finding a lava pool can be a time killer, so if you want a fast time, you should restart to a new world if you cannot find a lava pool quickly.

If you manage to quickly find a lava pool it’s time to create your nether portal! By finding a corner with 4 blocks aligned with lava, you can cover the 2 middle blocks in lava with 1 random block and water. This creates one side with obsidian and as you break the random block you placed, the other end also becomes obsidian mirroring each other. On one end of the obsidian, you want to place 3 blocks on top of each other away from the lava, and on the other end place 2 random blocks next to each other. You can then grab your water and place it on the side of your 3 block high tower. By doing this you can place lava on the sides of your water flow as though you are creating your nether portal! By using the flint and steel you crafted earlier, you can light up your nether portal and enter the nether!

Step 3: The Nether

Once you enter the nether, the next thing you should do is search for a nether fortress. After the Minecraft 1.16 update, Mojang has added a bunch of new biomes onto the nether, but with new biomes would mean that finding a nether fortress would be much more difficult than before! The nether fortress contains many mobs, but the mobs you’re looking for are called the blazes. By exploring the nether fortress you can either find blazes around the fortress or find a blaze spawner which spawns a bunch of blazes! By killing blazes, they drop an item called a blaze rod which will be important later!

It is recommended to kill blazes until you obtain around 7 to 8 blaze rods before you head out for your next objective. Once you gather all your materials, your next goal is to trade with the Piglins! Around the nether, you can find blocks with gold and by breaking these blocks you obtain gold nuggets. By filling a whole crafting table with gold nuggets, you create a gold ingot. These gold ingots are used to trade with Piglins! Another way to quickly earn gold ingots is by finding the Bastion Remnant! These giant castles often have gold blocks which you could mine to easily earn 9 gold ingots from each gold block! Be careful, if the Piglins find you stealing their gold, they will not hesitate to attack you! Now that you have gathered gold ingots, simply drop the gold ingots to Piglins to start trading. Your goal is to obtain 12 to 16 ender pearls from these Piglin trades. There is about a 2% chance for a Piglin to drop some ender pearls! After gathering your ender pearls, it’s time to head back to your nether portal and head towards the end!

Step 4: Stronghold

Now that you are out of the nether, it’s time for you to head towards the stronghold! The stronghold is a giant labyrinth that contains many strong mobs and your goal is to quickly find the end portal room to enter the end! By placing 1 blaze rod onto a crafting table you create 2 blaze powder. By combining 1 blaze powder with one ender pearl you create an item called the eye of ender. The purpose of creating the eye of ender is to lead you towards the location of the stronghold.

By holding out the eye of ender and right-clicking the item with your mouse, your character throws the eye of ender in the air and goes towards the direction of the stronghold. I would recommend following the direction of the eye of ender by 200 blocks before throwing the eye of ender again! There is a chance for the eye of ender to disappear after throwing it instead of the item simply falling back down onto the ground! Once you notice the direction of the eye of ender has changed, move back a couple of blocks and start digging around until you find stone brick indicating the stronghold.

The stronghold is a giant maze labyrinth so it could take up a lot of your time if you’re lost. The best way to quickly find the end portal room is to hear the sounds of lava, find a room with a huge light source, and leave tracks of the places you have already explored to avoid repeating the same direction! Once you find the end portal room, use your remaining items to create at least 12 eye of enders, place the items onto the end portal frames, and enter the end!

Step 5: The End

It’s finally time to fight the Ender Dragon, the final boss of Minecraft! As you are fighting the ender dragon be careful to not look at the Endermans and to avoid the Ender Dragons fireball! One way to beat the Ender Dragon is the simple way, destroy the end crystals located on top of each obsidian pillar with a bow an arrow (can be earned and crafted during the trade process with the Piglins) and once the Ender Dragon lands on top of the bedrock bed, attack the dragons head until they run out of health!

Another way to beat the Ender Dragon is to use the beds you collected at the village you raided at the beginning of your speed run. Like the nether, if you try to sleep on a bed in the end, it creates a giant explosion which you can use to deal a lot of damage to the Ender Dragon. Due to the giant explosion is causes, you can avoid destroying the end crystals on top of each obsidian pillar and go straight for the dragon! If timed correctly, as the dragon is falling down, you place a bed on top of the bedrock bed and try to sleep on it to cause an explosion. If done correctly, you can defeat the Ender Dragon very quickly and once you enter the portal on the bedrock bed you complete Minecraft ending your speed run!

Hope this helped and good luck with your speed runs!


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