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Best Team Builds For Xiao

In this guide, we’ll look at the best free to play and budget guides. This guide will show you how to maximize your damage output profile while finding the playstyle that you enjoy the most.

Xiao is one of the toughest characters to build around, and if you are not sure where to start – or want some ideas on what to do – you will probably like the ideas presented in this guide. From budget options to paid options, lets take a look.


Xiao is a polearm wielding Anemo DPS character that specializes in lightning fast attacks and an acrobatic combat style. Crit rate is how he scales, so keep that in mind. Because he is Anemo, building his teams are a little more complex.

Note: the only reaction he can do is Disposal. There is no strong multiplier (only 1.2) so it is something to think over when picking your team. Pick team members more for synergy and play style.

Elemental Resonance

For Xiao, elemental resonance – impetuous winds is the best for him. This is on account of his incredible “E” multiplier and the cooldown reduction on his skill. Xiao’s e carries a lot of damage when his burst is not up.

The second best for him is Cryo. Putting cryo on a few opponents, you can then focus on applying a high crit rate and putting out the extra damage.

Hydro and Electro resonance are not the best choices, as discussed in the video.

Team Builds

Team #1 – Xiao (Main DPS), Albedo (Sub DPS), Bennett (Utility), and Venti (Utility). This team is meant to group mobs together and pouring on the AOE Damage. Xiao is great with Venti because Venti’s “e” is a battery. Venti’s burst groups the mobs together, so you get max damage when using Xiao’s ulti. Bennett is a good healer, as the enemies are grouped tightly.

Team #2 – Xiao, Albedo, Fischl, and Jean. This team is quite similar to the first team, however there are some key differences. You lose a lot of AOE to put in more emphasis on single target damage. Fischl and Albedo actually act like turrets and they are great off elemental batteries. Swirl also constantly procs Fischl’s P4.

Try out a few builds and teams and let us know what you think are the best ones in the comments below!


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