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Friday Night Funkin’ – V.S. CJ FULL WEEK – Starlight Mayhem

V.S. C.J. FnF Mod

Are you ready to meet C.J., a handsome, light-headed band boy who’s heard about you and your musical adventures? Second question, are you ready to battle him? In this Friday Night Funkin’ Mod, you are tasked with overcoming the mayhem and taking on C.J. on a dark, starry night.

Get ready to hit up the local music festival and get called out for an epic battle for the ages in this FnF mod. Oh, and C.J. sure is confident, especially considering his voice…

Narration and Dialogue

Narrator: “One day, you decide to take your Girlfriend to a local music festival, and a local band is currently performing..”

Singer: “I’ll never forget to show my true colours, I’ll never forget to question destiny!”

GF: “These guys are really good!”

BF: “Beep Boop!”

Singer: “Honestly, just break free…maybe there…really are…WONDERS!”

GF: “Thank you for bringing me to this concert!”


Download the Starlight Mayhem [Full Week] Vs CJ Mod here:

Download Friday Night Funkin’ Here:


  • Submitter: TheMaskedChris
  • Director / artist: TheMaskedChris
  • Coding: ash237
  • Charting: Cerbera
  • Vocals: Ridinginthered
  • Vocals: Miyno_
  • Instrumentals: Mudstep
  • Mac Port: fueg0
  • Mic’d Up Engine: Verwex
  • Extra Assets: bastiano
  • Extra creative help: Operate Manuel


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