New World – Musket and Rapier Build – Musketeer Guide

Musket and Rapier Build

The New World Build Guide for the Musket and Rapier, AKA the Musketeer Build. This Musket and Rapier Build focuses on using the Musket at range to pick off both enemies and players, only using the Rapier when enemies get close. This is a PvE and PvP Build that is good both on the landscape while Questing, and also when fighting other players.

The way this Build works is that you’ll always open with your Musket and setting the Burning status effect with the Powder Burn ability. This Skill not only deals slightly increased damage, but deals 20% Weapon Damage per second over 9 seconds. Enemies will take damage as they run at you from this Burn, allowing you to finish them off with a second shot or keep weakening them as they approach.

You can then use the Traps Skill to root the enemy in place, finishing it off with another shot or, attacking it with your Rapier if you want to conserve ammo. The general concept with this Build is that you want to fight at range as much as possible, only using your Rapier when absolutely necessary. You will use a ton of Ammo fighting this way, so I’ll also include in this guide how to make it and where to find the necessary materials.


0:00 ​- New World Musket and Rapier Build
0:59 ​- Musketeer Build Attributes
1:35 – Musketeer Build Skills
4:17 ​- Musketeer Build Weapons
5:02 ​- Musketeer Build Armor
5:45 ​- Final Tips

Craft the best ammo you can and make sure to use it. Steel Cartridges are usable at level 20, so swap to these when you get there. You can craft ammo if you mine some saltpeter, which is usually found in caves with wolves or animals. Even one node of saltpeter can be used to make enough gunpowder to craft 500 cartridges or more. Note also that ammo weighs nothing while equipped on your person, but weighs a lot when in your inventory, so top up but don’t carry more than you need.

Always aim for the head when shooting if possible with the Musket, as this guarantees a Critical Hit. This ensures maximum damage, and there are many passives that increase Headshot damage, so this will only get stronger over time. It’s much harder to do in PvP, but it’s easy to begin combat with a headshot while questing.

Don’t rely on the Rapier as your primary means of attack. It’s fine to use to finish off enemies and players, but don’t charge towards enemies to get in melee range unless they are close to death and you can finish them off quickly. You want enemies to come to you, and you want to range down any way that you can.

This Build works very well in PvP, but is hard to use against heavily armored opponents. When facing Heavy Armor players, try to keep your distance as much as possible and frustrate them with Traps and Fleche. Keep up the pressure on them, and use Riposte when they get in close to turn the tables and finish them off with Flurry.


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