New World TOP 10 Things I Wish I Knew BEFORE Playing!

New World is in full swing and we have seen many players struggling with the following:

0:38 – Finding resources
1:54 – Picking a faction
2:16 – Fastest leveling method
4:13 – Best weapons
6:24 – Apply skins
6:47 – Faction gear
7:35 – Fish filets
7:57 – How to get Azoth
8:24 – Damage colors
9:40 – Better cooldown timers

Let’s dig into each topic now!

0:38 – Finding Resources

The most common question among gamers is where they can get hemp, fibers, linen, and other materials. What is the location of this or that? There is an easy way to solve this problem. You can locate resource locations by viewing your map. This will show you the sort of environment in which that resource may be located. Let’s take hemp as an example, which is most commonly found in grasslands.

Resource Locations option on the map

01:22 – Let’s look at another scenario: where to obtain fibers and linen. If you go to the crafting station to get the materials you require. You can loom and hover over the crafting material and seeing where it comes from using linen. Fibers come from hemp plants, and we use our map to discover them, then our trade skills to figure out what they look like, so the cycle continues.

Crafting linen from the fibers

1:54 – Picking a Faction

It is simple to choose a faction. Depending on how soon you complete the main story objective, you’ll have to choose a faction between levels 8 and 10. In New World, choosing a faction is unavoidable, and you will have to do so at some point.

Factions to choose from in New World

2:16 – Fastest leveling method

Another question is that how are people leveling up so fast? Some are already in their 40s and 50s. This one’s kind of tricky because it can be done a few different ways.

Leveling Trade Skills in New World

2:26 – There’s the traditional super boost approach, in which you have one guild member to whom you basically feed resources. They just stand in front of the town project board and execute duties one after the other. This is a pretty simple technique to level everything out. You can gain a lot of experience rapidly, but it’s not a practical option. It takes a lot of resources to finish, and only one individual profits from it, whereas a full guild or corporation does not.

3:09 – The most efficient approach to level rapidly is to complete all of your town projects and faction tasks as quickly as possible, and while you’re doing it, you may work on your side and main missions. Try the basic town projects or faction missions like gathering resources or manufacturing a special item once you’ve completed as many as you can.

3:29 – These provide a tremendous amount of experience. They’re usually the easiest to do, and if you don’t enjoy performing town projects, you may accept the project and then abandon it, allowing a new one to generate after the cooldown duration expires. Keep in mind: that this is on a rotating 30-minute timer, so you may have to wait the whole 30 minutes at times. Abandon the difficult ones and concentrate on the ones that take less time.

4:13 – Best Weapons

What is the best weapon combo to be used in New World? This is a highly subjective question to be honest. I will just give a quick rundown of some of the weapons. If you want to read an in-depth review on the weapons and their skills, visit this article:

New World Weapon Reference photo grab from:

4:29 – By a significant margin, the Hatchet is the best weapon. It boasts the fastest attacks, deals the greatest damage, and has the Berserker talent, which is insane in combat.

4:52 – You’ll need heavy armor, a sword, and a shield if you want to play as a tank. For added control, we recommend using the War Hammer or the Great Axe as your secondary weapon. Remember to include a Carnelian stone and a Carnelian gem in your weapons for additional taunt.

5:07Life Staff is the way to go if you want to play a healer. This tree may be used as a protector or healer, and it can be combined with Ice Gauntlet or a Bow to increase AOE damage.

5:21 – There are several advantages to playing DPS. You may roll a Rapier and a Hatchet for extra quick damage and bleeds if you want to go pure melee DPS. For strong range and up close damage, and maybe a little crowd control, a hybrid DPS can combine a Hatchet for a Spear with a Musket or a Bow.

5:39 – This may be a combination of your Fire Staff and your Bow and Musket if you want full rangers. If you want to use all of the high-damage and affliction abilities that each of these weapons have to offer.

5:50 – There are so many variants in New World right now that you can’t just look at a weapon combination and conclude, “Yep, this is the one!” When it comes to picking a weapon, it’s all about the meta.

6:24 – Applying Skins

What is the best way to conceal helmets and apply weapon skins? This one is really simple and uncomplicated to do. To alter the skin of an item, go to your inventory and click on it. You have the option of applying no skin or applying a specific skin. This may be done on any of your character’s appearances.

6:47 – Faction Gear

The next step is to purchase faction gear. You must be at least level 15 to participate. When you’re ready, go to your faction leader in whichever town you’re in and open their window as if you were accepting missions. Click buy rewards in the top right hand corner. This is the shop where you may buy faction-specific goods for a special currency that only works for your faction.

7:11 – There are several levels of gear, and when you accomplish your major plot missions, you’ll be faced with challenges that will allow you to advance to the next tier. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to access more powerful weapons and armor, and if you hit the faction reputation cap, you’ll be ready to take on the next challenge.

7:26TIP: Keep an eye on your main quest narrative since leveling them will happen organically.

7:35 – Fish Fillets

Another major concern is where players will obtain fish fillets and fish oil. After you’ve caught the fish, you’ll need to save it. If you catch a tiny trout, go to your inventory and press S while clicking on the fish. It’s going to salvage and dismantle it. It will provide you with many fish fillets as well as the opportunity to obtain fish oil.

7:57 – How to Get Azoth

Players have been inquiring where they can acquire extra Azoth, a material needed for Fast Travel. This is usually provided as a reward for finishing both your primary and side tasks. This material isn’t always available or isn’t as easy to get by. Consider when you’ll be able to use it. Use it only when you need to go a long distance.

8:24 – Damage Colors

Attacking is indicated by different colored numerals. These figures represent the effectiveness of your assaults. Your strike is ineffective, and the adversary has a resistance to that damage, as indicated by the blue with a down arrow.

8:41 – It is neutral and you’re dealing regular damage with white. Because they’re weak against that damage kind, yellow with an up arrow implies you’re inflicting more damage. Hitting an opponent in the rear is a critical hit, and the amount will appear in a slightly bigger orange font.

8:57 – Each weapon inflicts a particular sort of harm. Swords, for example, inflict slashing damage, but a heavy sword inflicts thrust damage. War Hammers deliver slashing damage, and certain opponents are vulnerable to slashes while others aren’t.

9:40 – Better Cooldown Timers

These timings will show an additional cooldown timer for your talents beneath your character. This way, you can maintain your focus on your character and dodge while still remaining present in the moment, rather of having to glance at your skill bar to see when those talents are available again.

9:57 – When you’re healing, they may be incredibly useful because you can keep an eye on the monster while blocking and evading, rather than having to look down to the corner to make sure your talents aren’t on cooldown. It’s one of those features that makes gaming a lot more enjoyable.

I hope these tips and tricks will help better your gaming experience in Amazon’s New World and might as well give an extra advantage among the other players. Have fun and happy gaming! 🎮


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