Henry Mosse and the Wormhole Conspiracy – Game review

You play as Henry Mosse a 15-year-old boy working in his family’s delivery business, who just wants to set out on an adventure. His mother, Serene, is sent a space fax to fly to a world in the far star universe.

Not wanting to miss and adventure, Henry sneaks aboard the ship and finds himself on planet Coocoo, a planet built by the nefarious wormhole industries.

Something is amiss when Henry finds his mother about to sign paperwork and then is confronted by a mysterious hologram figure that puts Henry directly in the crosshairs of one of the most dangerous men in the 2 known galaxies, Benedict Wormhole.

Henry Mosse and the Wormhole Conspiracy has a large dose of love that’s put into this game, especially with its cute 2d drawn art style, giving it an old school feel with its cartoon like qualities. Most characters are given the right amount of detail, but the backgrounds fell short for me with a lot of empty space.

Note: this was a big plus from the previous point and click game that I reviewed Encodya with the highly detailed backgrounds that were astonishing, but Henry Mosse makes it up in many ways.

One of my favourite things are the references they put in the game. They added so much charm right off the bat that it really kept a smile on my face for most of the game. The writing is also (mostly) well flushed out and kept my interest.

That said, there are some low points in the writing that made me “space out” but overall, I was happy. The voice acting in the game is shaky for me, with some lines being delivered perfectly and some feeling like it was recorded a few days apart. It isn’t a game-breaker, but it did mess the flow of the game up for me a little. There were also some repeat lines in some of the dialogue but I was also playing a pre-released version. I’m Sure with the last update before release this has been cleared up.

The mechanics are what you would expect from a point and click game, and seem to run smoothly. With other point and click games, I have criticized the camera being slower than the characters, and this is not an issue in this game.

Whether you were walking or running, the camera kept pace in most sections. The only struggle the camera gave me was in some tight sections when the camera is close to you making it hard to traverse the area and gives you the stop and go syndrome that always bothers me. This is not rampant but just something I like to point out for future developing.

Henry mosse review

The puzzles are tough and you sometimes need to be really attentive when talking to characters or searching the area for items and clues. Luckily they added a “what’s clickable” button assigned to the spacebar on pc to allow you to see what you can check out.

The puzzles can also be solved in a few ways, from what I can tell for a good portion of them there are at least 2 ways to solve it, which is nice and gives you a chance to replay the game to go back and get the achievements for solving it the other way.

All in all the puzzles where well thought out and elaborate, most would make you stop and think. Except for the near ending of the game, the puzzles where some of the weakest of the bunch and sadly felt like a section of the game was missing and wrapped up quickly.

The ending cut scene was great and alluded to a sequel which I’m excited to see it released. I recommend the game to people how love point and click games, and I think this is a good intermediate game for people how what to tryout a point and click.



Great Puzzles that requires good amount of forward thinking
Multiple ways to Compleat puzzles
The art work and world building and characters are charming and likeable
Possible Sequel


The Voice acting is weak in some areas
Some Dialogue can be boring
Ending Seems Rushed


AuthorCurtis Pyke
YouTuberMGN TV
ProgramFreedom! Scholarship
PublisherMGN TV
GameHenry Mosse and the Wormhole Conspiracy


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