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Sky Factory 4 | Modded Minecraft – Part 1

Hello There, People!

Minecraft has a come a long way and every Minecraft player must have completed Minecraft and defeated the ender dragon countless no. of times, but if i say there is a different & fun way to approach your Minecraft Journey by modding the game and giving it new items/materials & mechanics to have fun with and it also extends the playtime of a certain map.

This blog is going to be a part of a series that i am going to do on my Youtube, this will be the part 1, in which we will be looking into getting started and crafting some saplings.

New World

When you will start a new world there will be a toggle button for Prestige Enable/Disable, Prestige is a system which only allows basic mods to be enabled and as we progress and get achievements we get prestige points that we can use to enable more of the useful mods, press P key to open up prestige menu.

Now give the world a name and create it.

Starting Up

You will be spawned on a tree & void all around you so be carefull you can fall and die.

Things You will be spawned with :-

  • Advancement Book
  • Torch
  • Coffee
  • Toasted Bread
  • Builder Wand

Advancement book will help you keep track of the achievements you have to do or have done, use a hotkey for advancements if you wanna do it, try pressing L key. The Advancements menu will look like this.

View of the Advancement menu

Now, Just Start tearing down the tree but do not go down fully, stop at the last wood where the leaves touch the tree and make a crafting station, then a crook

The Recipe:-

Now Get the Crook to work and break the leaves, the crook gives you a higher chance of dropping sapling from the leaves, after that get to the dirt, it will be the last block u see. Now when you get down to the dirt make a platform to stand on or to roam around a bit, then grind for some of the tree materials, you will get resins, acorn & saplings from every tree. You should now grind for some materials from the dirt tree & expand the platform.

Moving on with other trees, Open up your Advancements Tab & look at the Achievements need to be done, we will now be crafting Petrified sapling, for that open up crafting tab & in the bottom you will see a search tab.

You can search anything and it will help you get that item, by showing you how to obtain it. For the petrified sapling we would need petrified acorns and for that we need to put the dirt acorns on the drying rack and let them dry for some seconds, pick them up when they are turned into petrified acorns now put them in the crafting station with dirt sapling and voila, you have petrified sapling, now you should grind the materials obtained from it, don’t forget to use crook.

Drying Rack
Petrified Sapling

It’s Dirt Crafting Time Now, we would need Dirt acorns & Resins, that you should have by now, and just craft it by searching in Crafting tab.

For Gravel Sapling we need a Crushing Tub, that we will use to convert Petrified Acorns to Gravel Acorns, by jumping on it after placing them in crushing tub. Then we will place it around a petrified sapling in crafting station and we will obtain gravel sapling.

Crushing Tub
Gravel Sapling

A Pro tip here, make a Paxel to save inventory space and have the functionality of all the tools.

Clay Sapling is much Easier to make, you need 1x Dirt Resin, 3x Petrified Raisin & a Dirt sapling to make a clay sapling, put them in a certain way in crafting, shown in the screenshot & then grind for it’s material.

Now the last Sapling for Today, is the Bone Sapling. For this we will need 8 Bonemeal and to get bonemeal we need to crush the dirt in the crushing table by jumping on it, 1 dirt gives you 1 bonemeal. After Acquiring 8 Bonemeal place them with petrified sapling in the crafting station to obtain bone sapling, then go ahead grind it’s materials also.

I Know you guys must be thinking about making a chest and storing your Items in it, but what if i tell you there is a much better chest in the mod that takes less space and gives same amount of storage as a large chest, it is called a Cabinet that you can make with using wood & place it anywhere it is a vertical chest that is 1 block thick and 2 high. Some of the Images for the Cabinet are.


That is it for today’s Video & Blog, we will be back Soon with the Second Blog and Video, hope you learn something and enjoy playing the mod, i once had so many questions about this mod, that is why i don’t want others to have any doubts before starting it.

Have Fun!

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