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A complete beginner’s guide on Amazon’s New World! This guide will cover all you need to know about getting started in New World, from leveling up rapidly, to understanding gear mechanics, as well as providing you with more advice along the way.


0:000:34 Intro
0:344:31 Questing & Levelling
4:315:45 Territory Standing
5:459:02 Gear, Armor & Weapons
9:0211:26 Attribute Points
11:2612:43 – Weapon & Weapon Mastery
12:4315:42 – Crafting
15:4217:30 – Elite Zones & Corrupted Portals
17:3019:25 – Companies, Land & Player Housing
19:2520:56 – Expeditions & Invasions
20:5623:04 – Key Tips

0:344:31 Questing & Levelling

With the exception of a few elements like Corrupted Portals and Elite Zones, questing is the backbone of the game. It will raise your character’s level to 60. Main Storyline Quests, Side Quests, Faction Quests, and Town Projects are the four types of quests available.

The Main Storyline quests will only be available at specific level milestones and while they can provide some excellent XP rates, they will not be sufficient to take you through these various milestones and you;ll never reach level 60 that way, therefore, you must supplement with your Side Quests first.

You’ll wind up in one of four locations when you spawn in New World: First Light, Windswood, Monarchs Bluff, or Everfall. While each of these regions is good for starting quests, which you’ll all complete on the beach and arrive at approximately level 10 on the other side, once you get into some of the region missions, you’ll understand.

You could find some of them a bit tough in some of the harsher regions such as Everfall or Monarch’s, unless you’re running in a group, because they are higher-level places with creatures at level 25-27. Instead, we propose that you go to a place like First Light or Windswood. Take on some of the side missions until you’ve reached a somewhat higher level.

In actuality, you’ll be performing side quests in each of the four starting locations, so there’s no harm in reverting to this method. Quick side note: after you hit level 25 around there, you’ll want to go on to the next region, and the next zone you’ll want to travel to is Brightwood, which leaves us with Town Projects and Faction Missions.

When it comes to Town Projects, the general rule is that you should accept the basics, such as killing ten rabbits or hunting five turkeys. These are simple to perform in New World, and it’s easy to just run along and hurl an axe at a rabbit as you pass. You should take your time doing these missions because they will not provide you with a lot of XP.

Depending on whether you join the Marauders, Syndicate, or Covenant, the game’s Faction Missions will be located in your individual faction representation. In general, people will accept missions if they are on the same path as their XP gain.

If you participate in PVP missions, you will be flagged for the duration of the task, which means you may be attacked by another player, but you will also earn faction cash, which you can use on the faction store to purchase nice stuff.

4:315:45 Territory Standing

You item craft every creature you defeat for every task you complete. You’ll get a little boost in Territory Standing, which is fantastic. Unless you’re in Main Hub Town, you get to choose from a selection of rewards every time you level up. You’ll get a lot of experience, and while it may only start at 700, it will skyrocket as your Territory Standing rises.

As a result, they prefer to concentrate more on any crafting or refining, or anything similar, in one town. This gives you the ability to grind one area’s Territory Standing level harder than the others and earn extra XP. Use it as a leveling mechanic as you choose the most appropriate experience gain and standing game for each location.

5:459:02 Gear, Armor & Weapons

There are many various weapons to choose from throughout the world and because of the game’s classless structure, you may quickly switch and select amongst them. The weapons themselves come in a range of rarity levels, with greater rarity levels resulting in more additional modifiers like fire damage or enhanced durability.

These rarity levels may be discovered in any weapon tier; however, to utilize various tiers, you must satisfy specific level criteria. This equipment may be slotted into your loadout, allowing you to run with two different weapons and five distinct armor pieces on your character.

If you get too carried away with the collecting, this all goes back to the town storage where you may discard most, if not all, of your unwanted crafting materials and stuff.

9:0211:26 Attribute Points

When you reach level 60, you will get 108 attribute points that you can use on one of five categories, the first of which is Strength, which determines melee weapon damage. Although some of the lighter ones have secondary Dexterity scaling, which will be the dominant attribute for ranged weapon damage. Then there’s Intelligence, which is the most important attribute for magical powers, and Constitution, which boosts your total health and makes you a lot more tanky.

In addition to the usual growth in attribute points, every 50 points will unlock a special benefit. Boosts that are really helpful and big boosts, therefore you’ll want your attribute points rounded up to the next 50 in order to make use of those perks.

11:2612:43 – Weapon & Weapon Mastery

Sword, Rapier, Hatchet, Spear, Great Axe, War Hammer, Bow, Musket, Fire Staff, Life Staff, and Ice Gauntlet are among the 11 weapons available. All of which will have two choices on the Weapon Mastery Tree to choose from, and you may gain a total of 20 points per weapon, therefore you must choose one of the two hybrid branches.

12:4315:42 – Crafting

Some of you will be crafting-oriented, which is fantastic; the game does provide for this, but not in the early game. Logging, Mining, Harvesting, and Skinning are some of the current gathering talents available in New World. If you’re out slaughtering boars or wolves for Side Quests, skin away by going down the side of the road and passing an iron ore node.

Of course, you may refine to improve your Smelting, Woodcutting, Leather Working, Weaving, and Stone Cutting skills, but don’t forget to keep an eye on your Territory Standing level while you’re refining and presumably storing these resources.

Start using them to level up some of your endgame crafting abilities, such as Weapon Smithing, Armoring, Engineering, Jewel Crafting, Arcana Cooking, or Furnishing. It’s important to keep in mind that scaling up these higher-level crafting abilities takes longer.

15:4217:30 – Elite Zones & Corrupted Portals

The respawn rates and XP rewards for Corrupted Portals have decreased slightly, making them slightly less appealing. However, they are still a great way to get a little extra XP and, if nearby, they are much better if run in a group. They also rely as much on Territory Standing leveling to get the XP as they do on direct XP gain from the portals themselves.

There are a few secondary reasons why you would want to run them, such as if you are ever near a portal with a group, it can be worth knocking out a few portals in succession because they will typically spawn around a central monolith.

Elite Zones are map locations that include unique creatures. There is one in the southern section of Monarch’s buff, and while the XP rates aren’t as excellent as they are while going via Side Quests, you may frequently obtain a kill mission from the faction representative for the Elite Zone.

Elite Zones typically have higher gear drop rates, making them a viable option for gear farming if you aren’t only looking for the fastest XP gain.

17:3019:25 – Companies, Land, & Player Housing

Companies can have up to 100 players, each commanded by a governor, and they can battle for and claim property all across the world. All of the world’s regions may be captured, and at the start of the server they will only be available to buy for gold, but they will thereafter be battled over in Territory Wars.

Opposing factions will be required to perform faction missions in enemy territory to weaken their position, after which they will be able to declare war and essentially start a 50/50 siege fight to determine who owns the region. Guilds belonging to the same faction are unable to go to war with one another.

You can also choose which town improvements to start first, such as upgrading the smelter or the cooking station. You get to choose the tax rate and reap the benefits of that money as it rolls over. You’ll also get region-specific incentives that relate to your business, as well as a lot more.

Joining a solid New World firm can truly help you go ahead. On top of that, player housing is available in any of New World’s towns; your corporation or faction does not need to possess the territory in order to build a house there. In terms of your Territory Standing, you just need to satisfy the minimal faction standing criteria.

19:2520:56 – Expeditions & Invasions

At launch, there were six of these types of dungeons or Expeditions planned, the first of which was Embrian Excavation, which was available at about level 25. These missions are not typically worthwhile to run. They will appear in the game as Side Quests from time to time and are definitely worth performing at least a few times if nothing else.

Invasions are these 50-player defense events, but in Territory Wars, it’s 50 people vs waves of Corrupted AI, not 50 players versus another 50 players. If the fort defenders succeed in holding the fort, they will receive a big amount of XP, but if they fail, the town will likely suffer damage and be downgraded, which can be a nuisance after all the effort you invested.


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