Returnal – Official Launch Trailer

Returnal just dropped its official launch trailer, as it’s expected to be released today, April 30. This PS5 exclusive game really had players intrigued with its unique storyline, fascinating graphics, and it looks to have its own identity when it comes to its gameplay. Sony and Housemarque have released a trailer for the title where you see Selene in a death loop trying to solve mysteries that ends up uncovering the mysterious planet, Atropos.

The trailer features different action gameplays, boss fighting, booby traps from this planet, in-game cutscenes, some amazing architecture, and different creatures that will most probably kill you. For those who are intrigued about the game and want to play it, we also wrote a whole another blog for that, 11 Things You Need to Know about Returnal on PS5. Read it.

You can check out the trailer and get your hands on Returnal when it launches today. You can also find out more about Returnal on PS5 here:

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