Cyberpunk 2077 – All Romance Guide!

Simply put for every Cyberpunk 2077 romance:

  • When he/she calls you always accept his / her requests right away
  • Be supportive and friendly with him / her
  • Don’t accept money from him / her when he / she offers it
  • Pick all the “physical” dialogues to get closer to him/her (like kissing him/her)

Beware of Spoilers ahead!

Judy Alvarez

  • Choose female character (female voice + female body (yes you can have a d, but also need boobs))!
  • Complete all main missions until “Double Life”.
  • Side mission “Pisces”: Don’t abandon the plan!
  • When you reach the penthouse where the gang bosses are sitting, pick the following dialogues:
    • “Let’s do this”
    • “Who are the other two?”
    • “Do my best. Jack ’em out”
    • “Hold on, think you’ve gone too far”
    • “[Draw Weapon] Let’s cut to the quick”
    • Kill the gang bosses
    • “What?”
    • “You tried to cheat us all”
    • Doesn’t matter if you kill Maiko or not. Both options work
  • Side mission “Pyramid Song”: Agree to the invitation and then spend the night in a hut.
  • Pick dialogue “[Stand] Why not.”
  • Kiss Judy in the bathroom.
  • The next morning, talk to her at the docks and tell her that this was the beginning of something.

Meredith Stout

cyberpunk 2077 romance guide
  • During the first main quest, be sure to go to meet Meredith.
  • Do not attack her or the guards.
  • Take the money from her. It doesn’t matter if you give it to Royce or not.
  • Even if there is no chip, there will be a battle anyway.
  • Get the spider robot.
  • After some time, she will write a message to which you must reply that you start to like her.
  • Then Meredith will offer to sleep in a motel.


  • In second side quest:
  • Invite her on a date at the movies.
  • Select dialogue with a kiss to set off a romantic scene.

River Ward

  • Choose female character (female voice + female body)!
  • Complete side detective missions.
  • Rescue Randy during The Hunt.
  • At the end of the quest, select the flirt option.
  • In the next task, you need to kiss him on two occasions.
  • The next morning, say that you enjoy being with him.

Panam Palmer

  • Choose male character (male voice + male body parts)!
  • Additional preperation: In the first story mission, you need to help her with Nash.
  • On the mission, after saving Mitch, you need to ask the Panamas for help with Hellman and agree to deal with Kang Tao.
  • When you find Hellman, you must select the option that it was not Panam’s fault.
  • First side mission “Riders Of The Storm”: Ride with her.
  • After saving Sol, choose the option: “Silly idea, Panam is right.”
  • The next day, when she goes to the motorcycle, last night must be mentioned.
  • Second side mission “With A Little Help From My Friends”: it is necessary to hide the plan of Panam from Sol.
  • Next, agree to the assignment.
  • On the control tower, you have to say that you missed her.
  • After a few options, touch Panam’s hand, telling her to follow the impulses.
  • After a couple more options, you need to sit closer to her and say that it is getting cold.
  • Third side mission “Queen Of The Highway”: When you’re done driving and shooting in the Basilisk, select the kiss icon.

Kerry Eurodyne

  • Choose male character (male voice + male body)!
  • Complete side missions of Kerry.
  • During the Off the Leash quest, flirt on the balcony.
  • In the next mission, you need to kiss him.
  • After the scene on the beach, you must select the option that initiates the romance.

Alt Cunningham

Literally part of main story.


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