The Flame in the Flood – Game Review

The Flame In The Flood is a very unforgiving, yet very appealing game. While this game is a few years old, I was recently recommended this game by a friend and well, all I can say is that I really, really enjoyed this game.

River Journey

I can’t believe this was under the radar for so long! The Flame in the Flood is a roguelike survival adventure where you have to travel and stay alive using your survival tools. It is a rogue like “river journey” through what looks like the back-waters of a flooded, post apocalyptic America.

You are tasked with staying alive, with managing your thirst, your sleep, crafting, and overall proper survival style gameplay. It has some “Don’t Starve” elements in the game, but it is very unique in its approach.


In terms of the storyline and plot, you’re a lone teenager in a post apocalyptic world, warming yourself next to a fireplace, when a dog comes carrying a bag in his mouth, demanding you to rise up and survive. The radio cracks. A message of hope is being transmitted, but you can only hear parts of it. You have to go down the river, find a better connection, and a possible rescue.

You have to have your survival instincts by crafting learning to eat watching out for poisonous things. It’s pretty much a proper survival game which is surprising seeing as how it is a top down game where you can craft things like campfires, animal traps, etc.

Another thing I really enjoyed is when you’re going down the river raft you’ll see these little icons. There are different areas to explore and when you stop by you’ll need to go and have a look and adventure to see what supplies you can
get to keep yourself surviving throughout the routes.

Art Direction & Music

One of the best parts of this game has to be the art direction. I mean, they have some of the art Directors from Team Bioshock as well as amazing veterans from Halo, Guitar Hero, and Rockband. Talk about an incredible pedigree! And then there is the music – it is great! Whether it is the twangy banjo music playing while you traverse the river in your shoddy raft to the fantastic sound effects (the dog sounds are especially convincing).

Overall, The Flame In The Flood is a very enjoyable game that I highly recommend picking up if you like survival games, or great games in general!

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