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New World – How To Level Up Weapons Fast Guide

New World Weapon Guide

What is going on adventurers! Vulkan here and today we are going to talk about some GREAT ways to power level your weapons in New World. The reason you want to get those weapons leveled up as fast as possible is so you can take full advantage of the skill trees each weapon has. As you rank up those weapons, they will earn points that you can spend to unlock skills and passives, making you more efficient and helping flesh out your build.

So you earn weapon XP as you defeat enemies and players, and yes, you can split that experience across both weapons if you use both of them. But the issue is that as your weapon levels up, it takes more and more experience to reach the next level. That’s where this guide comes in.

There are two primary ways to supercharge your weapon leveling: PvP and elite enemy areas.

For PvP, you can simply kill other players and that will give you massive amounts of weapon experience. This is by far the fastest way to reach level 20. But not everyone likes to PvP, so that is where the other method comes into play.

new world weapon leveling guide

Throughout New World, there are areas that are packed full of elite, gold bar enemies. These are incredible for leveling your weapons, picking up rare gear, and farming some resources. The first, and most popular one, is called Deadman’s Cove, which is on the southern tip of Monarch’s Bluffs. This is a cave just overflowing with elite drowned enemies, elite chests, and a boss called Master Cannoneer Jennings, who drops a pretty good Musket and Rapier.

Now, there are sometimes huge groups that will get together and farm this area like crazy. If this is what you run into, it’s best to just jump into the mob and get what experience you can. But if you can organize a group of 5 or 10 players and roll through this area yourself, you will just crank through the weapon levels. In this video, I gained 3-5 levels within 30 minutes as I was working on getting my ice gauntlet up.

I mentioned that this was the first and most popular place to farm, but because DMC is a level 25 area, you’re going to receive less experience as you out-level the enemies and will need to move onto a new elite area to farm.

So, let’s take a look at this game map by mapgenie. This will show us some other elite areas from different levels that we can farm.

Oddly enough, DMC isn’t listed here, but we have some others like:

• Brightwood Isle – This is an island in the middle of Brightwood that has a healthy amount of level 34 elite enemies. Not quite as dense as DMC, but still a good place to farm.
• Periville – A nice level 40 area in Weaver’s Fen to clear out.
• Stone Skull Fort – Another level 40 area in Cutlass Keys with loads of Pirates to farm.
• Scorpius – This is another fantastic area to farm for loot and experience! It’s loaded with level 50 corrupted enemies and you can group them up to AOE them down as well.

So, there are a couple more places in higher-level zones like Great Cleave, Shattered Mountain, and Ebonscale that you can explore if you can round up a group to run them.

Now, I want to take a moment to talk about something that might get brought up and that is overworld dungeons like Myrkgard and Eternal Pool. These are areas where you have bosses, trash mobs, and it functions just like a regular dungeon except that it’s open to everyone.

These are different from what we talked about in the video. These aren’t always the best for power leveling because the enemy density just isn’t there. So I would figure out what your focus is, then pick if you want to farm gear or farm experience and choose from there. I will have another video going over some of the best overworld dungeons to check out at a later date.



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