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Coromon takes adventuring to the next level by providing players with optional side-quests alongside the main narrative that will offer unique rewards for your play-through. Today, we’re taking a look at the follow-up quest from Battle of Wits, which we’ve covered previously, and going over the Battle of Knowledge.

We’re back within the library of Hayville, and once again Jebediah will be the quest giver, but only after you’ve completed his first challenge. in this side-quest, the player is required to answer only eight questions out of the available pool, as opposed to the twelve for the previous quest, but these are designed to be a bit more challenging:

Potent State Toruga
  • Which Coromon do not suffer accuracy loss in Twilight? – Ghost and blind Coromon.
  • A Coromon can get burned during the rain? – False.
  • A frozen Coromon has its defense and special defense lowered? – True.
  • A shocked Coromon takes damage each round? – False.
  • What does the poison condition do to a Coromon? – Inflict damage each round .
  • What does the burn condition do to a Coromon? – Both damages and raises speed.
  • When do Coromon decide to eat a Juba Fruit? – When it’s HP falls below 25%.
  • What does Mull fruit do? – Restores SP.
  • A HP Cake Medium recovers how much HP? – 50.
  • Which skill does more damage when used by a Torgua? – Cinder due to STAB bonus.
  • Coromon of the same species will always have the same trait? – False.
  • Once a Coromon learns a new skill, it will never be able to use a lost skill again? – False.

With Jebediah’s Battle of Knowledge questions answered correctly, the player will have completed the quest and will be reward with an Evo Block item. Using the Evo Block will allow you to select a Coromon for which you would like to prevent evolution.

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