Nerves but Every Turn a Different Cover is Used – MOD and Download

Download the playable Nerves But Every Turn A Different Cover mod here:

This mod is a playable update for the Guns But Every Turn A Different Cover mod created earlier.

List Of Mod Updates

  • Added Nerves (Main Song)
  • Added Ruvbattle (Bonus Song)
  • Added Garcello & Annie Good Enough (Animal’s Bonus Song)
  • Now preloads all characters before starting (No more lag!)
  • Fixed buggy hold animations for characters other than BF
  • Fixed Hex’s left and right to be more accurate
  • Fixed icon grid alignments
  • Fixed some offsets incase you want to play as some characters


Download Friday Night Funkin’ here:

Download the Nerves but every turn another character sings it mod here:

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