Friday Night Funkin’ – Ballistic Remastered – Everytime it’s Whitty Turn A Different Skin Mod

Ballistic Remastered

This bonus weeks song is called Ballistic and it comes from the Vs. Whitty mod which recently had an update on this song. Ballistic aka Ballistic Remastered has been fully re-charted and a new remix was added as well. PrizMatex has done a skin mod showcase in the past but since this is technically another new song he decided to redo it again with a few new mods included.

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Mods used in this video:
Main Website for these mods comes from GameBanana

V.S. Whitty Full Week…


Paper Mario VS. Mod Weeks

Kamex Ballistic Remix…

Whitty but it’s Clay Mod

B side Whitty

Neon whitty week

B3 Whitty Reskin

VS Ameen Full Week!

Eteled over whitty

V.S. Whitty + BF

The Torlang Mod…

Hand Drawn Whitty

Julius Head over whitty

Troll Face over Whitty Mod

V.S. Boyfriend Full Week

V.S. Whitty Golden Edition

VS Minus Whitty

Cursed lemon demon mod

B side whitty…

V.S. Goves

V.S. Ozjack over Whitty

V.S Whitty Over Heaven Skin

VS Corruption Whitty

Demon Whitty


Corruption Glitch Mod

Mershark’s Demon GF Skin

Playable Minus GF

Funkin’ with Dalia

Weegeepie – Luigi mod

Baby mario over GF

Alice over GF

Friday night funkin, but bad


Fnf Gumball pack

Friday Night Trollin’

Trollface girlfriend!

Reanimated Boyfriend

GenderSwap BF over GF

Playable MonsterBF mod

Lemon Demon over Girlfriend

OFF THE HOOK: Pearl vs. Whitty


Mr. Game & Funk

Warmimus over Girlfriend

Tall Boyfriend over… Boyfriend!

Girlfriend is Taller!

Sarv-Odila : Sarv’s Turn!…

Sarvente Girlfriend

Fun Sized Whitty Mod


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