Valheim – Server Not Showing Up (FIX) / Can’t Find Server

Dedicated Server Not Showing Up

The first step is make sure your name, world, port, and password are correct. Next, go to Steam once you have the I.P. address and the port that the dedicated server is running on.

Open up “My view” –> Server –> Favourites.

Try clicking “Add A Server” at the bottom right and then type in “localhost 2456” or “localhost 2457”. This might do the trick. Click on “Find games” and it should find the server.

Created and hosting your own server, or just can’t play on a friends server? Well, if you’ve tried adding it to Steam, it may not show up on the list. This video covers a few simple fixes that you could use to make sure you can actually join the server. Some are super simple.


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