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Necesse Review

Now if you’re anything like me (in which case I feel sorry for you) then it means you spend most of if not all of your spare time playing or searching for new video games to play.
This in itself is not the problem because once you’ve found a great game to settle into, it’s all the more heartbreaking when you finally finish all that the game has to offer resulting in you back onto the search train to find something new once more… Now I felt this way a few months ago with Terraria but while waiting for the next big update, I stumbled upon Necesse.

Survival Crafting Greatness

So let’s not beat around the bush here, I love me a good survival crafter as I’m forever finding new ones to play, pulling in everyone I can into helping me build up a new world.
Terraria was my last true love in the genre, even now I’m awaiting the latest update to go live so I can load back up my world and continue with the projects started many moons ago.

So Imagine my surprise when I find Necesse, a game even at first glance to be very similar to my beloved Terraria but offering me worlds to explore and new items to craft…  I was sold before seeing the price tag.

Worth Exploring?

At the core of any survival game should be a world worth exploring, it would be pointless to offer you the ability to take on the wilderness around you if it isn’t pleasing to do so…
Necesse even from the outset was a world worth exploring, offering the player small islands containing their own unique biomes, desserts, swarms, snowlands and forest are just a few of what the game has to offer at this point.

Once an island has been discovered you’ll have the option to craft your own settlements or just ransack it of all its valuables and move on.

Taking On The World!

What’s the point in having an interesting world waiting to be uncovered if there isn’t anything worth finding?

Well don’t you stress your little brain over this pickle as Necesse has got your back.
Early on you’ll notice you can accept quests from an old man on your starting island, this old chap will continue to offer you bigger and better quests guiding you through all the game has to offer without holding your hand. He’ll task you with finding a certain cave to bring back generic monster items. Following this quest you’ll be tasked with fighting the boss of this biome.

Because of this you’ll always know what you should be tackling next. Yes you can go fight any boss you want at any time if you have access to their lands… and yes you will be beaten into the ground with ease if you ain’t ready for said bosses.

A Challenge And A Half

Don’t be fooled, this game can be as brutal as they come for the crafting survival genre, not having the right gear will result in certain death in many areas, and even with the best gear you can obtain you might still find yourself taking on bosses for the 10th time in the vein hopes you can overcome the odds.

So it’s a challenging game, but it’s also fair… every boss has its own movement and attack patterns and once learnt will make your fight with them that much easier.

Early on I passed up on the task of making potions and growing crops to cook some of the better foods in the game, but by the end of my time with Necesse I had many farms dedicated to the crafting of my end game items.

Worth Your Time?

Now there is no easy way to say this, so i’m just going to go right out and say it in the nicest way possible.

Necesse is the best Terraria clone you’ll get your hands on.

So why play Necesse over Terraria? Well that’s an easy question indeed… I believe Necesse is a lot more streamlined and user friendly than how I remember Terraria. I have found so many functions in Necesse that I wish all other crafters would implement. Being able to set villagers up with homes and tasks to complete gets rid of all the tedium out of mundane tasks like farming.

Being able to craft with any item in a chest within range takes the sting away from searching all your chests for one random item you’re not sure you have… and not to mention my new personal favorite function, with the push of a button all of your inventory will be placed and organized into the chests around you, no more taking 5 minutes to reset your full stash after every dungeon run.


If you don’t mind playing a game that comes across very similar than one you’ve previously played (and you’ve played Terraria) then 100% Necesse is for you, with a great soundtrack that had me bobbing back and forth in my seat each and every time my favorite songs came on, to the insane amounts of joy that will be bought out of you as you finally beat that one boss you’ve been stuck on for a good few hours.

Even after playing 27 hours in the past few days I now sit and wait for the next update to come along and please my addiction.




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