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In this guide you will learn how to get (make) full padded armor. Surprisingly enough, it is relatively easy to create. You need a bunch of iron and linen thread, which you can get quite easily.

How to get UNLIMITED Flax Farm for Padded Armor & Black Metal

Step #1 – Get iron ingots, which you can find in the swamp biome. You can find muddy scrap iron in the crypts, and you need to mine it from the giant deposits. Once you’ve gathered a bunch of iron, you can pop it into your smelter and turn it into iron ingots (using coal).

Step #2 – Get some linen. To make this work, you are going to need a bunch of linen. You need to gather some flax. Note: You can grow flax, but you need to gather some first. Once you start to grow it, you will have (literally) unlimited amounts. Flax exists in the “plains biome”.

Once you are in the plains biome, you are going to see some cultivated land that is either growing flax or barley. Take both, as they are both useful. Each plot of cultivated land will generate 14 – 20 flax. You will be doing a lot of fighting before you get the flax, so plan accordingly.

Step #3 – Get unlimited Flax. You should consider creating a flax farm as opposed to processing what you just found. Note: Flax can only be grown in the plains biome. Flatten an area of land with a hoe. Then get a pickaxe and mine a trench around the edge of your farm. Basically it is like a moat, but without the water.

Next, build a stone wall around the trench. After that, build a short wall around the edge – so spear throwing AI can’t get at your farm.

Step #4 – Craft a Cultivator. Made with bronze and core wood – this is a great way to get ready to plant your flax. Start planting the flax, but don’t plant them too close together. Flax only takes a few days to grow, so keep in mind to replant the flax you grow.

Step #5 – Build an artisan table. You need 10 wood and 2 dragon tears that drop from the Dragon boss Moder. Now you can craft a spinning wheel. Now you can deposit 40 flax at once, which is what you need. You can now start making the Padded armor set. Padded greaves, padded cuirass, and padded helmet.


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