HOW TO OPEN THIS SECRET DOOR AND WHAT’S BEHIND IT | Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach

More secrets passages and surprises at the Pizzaplex in Five Nights at Freddy’s? Why am I not surprised? This time, there’s a secret door in the game and if you are wondering where it is, it’s at the Daycare Theater on the Ground Floor! You’ll need to have a level 5 security pass to access the theater, though. Didn’t think it was going to be easy, did you? Not for this game.

As seen on the poster, you have to find the cardboard with the same characters and take a picture of them. What’ll happen when you take a picture? You’ll find out soon enough, but for now, let me show you where to find those cardboard cutouts!

00:43 – First Cardboard
Go to the basement, there’ll be active animatronics that you’ll need to close early in the game. After doing that, look for this particular cardboard and take a picture of it. The eye without the eyepatch of the said cardboard will light up once you take a picture of it.
01:31 – Second Cardboard
Proceed to the Kid’s Cove on the First Floor or Level 1 on your map and look for the mermaid Chica cardboard cutout, then take a picture of it. Once you take a picture of Chica, both of her eyes will light up.
01:50 – Third Cardboard
This may be a tricky one to find, but according to Erderi The Fox, it seems to be close to the rooms of the FNF stars. Actually, it looks more like the backstage. Make your way in there and look for this particular cardboard cutout and take a picture. Again, in line with the creepy ambiance of the game, the eyes will light up when the camera clicks.
02:30 – Fourth Cardboard
The last cardboard cutout is located on the Fourth Floor, or Level 4 on your map, and you’ll need a Dance Pass to access this area. You can get there by using the Third Floor elevator, at the corner of the Fazbear Blast and Bonnie Ball. Look for the Princess Quest II video game and the cutout is right next to it. Take a picture and poof! Glowing eyes once again!

Once you’ve taken pictures of all four cardboard cutouts, go back to the Pirate Adventure poster and the door should be open for access! As warned by Erderi The Fox, if you don’t want any spoilers, just follow this gaming guide and see for yourself what’s inside the secret passageway! If you don’t mind spoilers, keep watching Erderi to find out what’s really behind the door. Either way, you’ll have fun!

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