Dreamscaper Boss Guide – Fear

Dreamscaper, as the name might suggest, is a roguelite action RPG based around, you guessed it, dreaming. Players find themselves at the helm of their acrobatic heroine named Cassidy, fighting her nightmares during the evening, and forming friends and bonds to power up their hero during the daytime. Dreamscaper is brought to the world by its developer Afterburner Studios and published by Freedom Games.

During your first few hours playing Dreamscaper, you will be fighting your way through Cassidy’s hometown, collecting powerful abilities and weapons, and learning the various mechanics that will change you from bumbling adventurer to controller-wielding roguelite deity. And once you reach the end of the first stage of the game, you will encounter the game’s first boss in the form of Fear the ominous purple whale.

Naturally this wouldn’t be much of a boss fight if Fear were to simply swim around and wait for you to trigger the mines and defeat it. So, here are the abilites you need to be wary of during your fight with the big purple beast.

The first is the air slash where Fear will explode from the water and lash at you with its tail, sending two damaging waves toward Cassid. Roll at the last second, just before the waves come in contact with you to avoid being damaged, then repeat on the second wave.

The frame just before Fear launches the ‘bite’ attack, wherein Cassidy can dodge before the whale emerges.

The second is what I will call the water columns, where Fear will remove itself from the map and send water columns sprouting up which will chase the player. You will have a few seconds of shadow to indicate where the next water column will sprout, so leg it!

The next is rather simple, where Fear will jump out of the water and perform a bite attack on Cassidy. Rolling just before the aquatic mammal’s jump will help to avoid damage!

The last attack you’ll want to be prepared for is what I will dub “The Spit”. As you can imagine, this is where Fear spits globs of water at the player that will either need to be dodged, if the laser-like torrent is close to Cassidy, blocked if they are the globs hucked, or be parried again, if they are the globs.

With that mastered, and your first boss down, you’re well on your way to conquering Cassidy’s Dreamscape and enjoying the game as her story unfolds!


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