Metroid Dread Trailer 2

WOW is all I can say about this trailer WOW. I absolutely have hated almost everything Nintendo has produced since the WIIU (including BOTW), however I have always felt Metroid is Nintendo’s best franchise and severely under loved. When Dread got announced I could not believe my eyes, the infamous DREAD is not only REAL BUT IS COMING SOON… AFTER 19 YEARS SINCE THE LAST NEW 2D ENTRY.

The first trailer dropped some hints that this is really going to explore the Chozo, the race dedicated to peace that mysteriously disappeared. Then we got to see Egyptian hieroglyphics which showed an image of what was very reminiscent of a certain Chozo we saw in a flashback in Metroid zero mission, the Chozo that killed all the Chozo that made the Metroids.

In addition to Chozo warriors that look like Samus and are Samus size. Now this new trailer confirms, not only is it indeed him, but he is also incredibly powerful and it looks like he will erase Samus’ abilities, as the typical starting point of every Metroid where Samus loses all her abilities. It does also suggest that Samus may have some untapped potential in her Chozo blood.

Not only are we getting tantalizing hints at learning a lot more about the Chozo, more than we ever had, the trailer instantly wraps to Krade being back again, Samus just stares at him like an absolute unit, but how is Krade back? Well, there are hints, he is chained up, and likely resurrected given his eyes, but who resurrected? I can only imagine it is part of the “evil” Chozo’s plan. This trailer is hinting at some huge lore implications. There also shots of what seems like the remnants of the Chozo civil war, there’s Torizo (animated Chozo statues).

The gameplay also looks phenomenal, it’s standard Metroid affair with tweaks, but what is really impressive is how intense the combat looks, taking on multiple high-power enemies at the same time, really keeping you on your toes. This is really looking to be the best Metroid ever made, and a real return to form for Nintendo.

I do have to talk about the actual trailer itself however, whoever directed this is at the top of their field. Not only are they constantly cutting to huge plot points making any Metroid fans minds going absolutely wild. The shots are amazing, the destruction from the civil war, the ”evil” Chozo holding her by the throat showing how absolute gigantic he is in size compared to Samus, you have Samus looking at Krade not flinching like a total unit, scenes off her running up him like a boss, taking down multiple enemies, parrying like a beast.

Cutting to other encounters which are hinting at something more, we don’t know what, accompanied by classic awesome Metroid music. The whole progression of this trailer is sublime and the production values are incredibly surprising to me. Even the ending shot off something awakening in Samus, which is a total HOLY S*** moment, to then stop, leaving you absolutely ravenous for more, then cutting to that absolutely perfect box art, and the dread take on that classic Metroid tune.

For the first time in a long time, Nintendo has personally amazed me and has me excited for a new Nintendo release. I hope Metroid Prime 4 ends up being as special as dread seems to be, because the Metroid franchise deserves massive amounts of love. It looks like Nintendo has finally remembered that, 19 years after the last new entry in the Metroid franchise. Metroid Dread releases October 8th and I am absolutely pumped.

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