Cyberpunk 2077 – Unlock Johnny Silverhand’s Items Guide

Having trouble acquiring Johnny Silverhand’s items or just now finding out you can own them in Cyberpunk 2077? Well, this guide should perfectly cover all of your questions and give you the best, straightforward path to unlocking them.

Item #1: Tank Top

One of the first items that you’ll want to unlock in order to put together the whole outfit is Johnny’s Tank Top.

Towards the end of the main story, you’ll be able to start a mission called “Tapeworm”. There are a total of four conversations and interactions you will have with Johnny, each being a different mission and giving a different item.

For Tapeworm, all you must do is start the mission and complete it, after which you should automatically unlock the Tank top.

Item #2: Aviators

Following the first mission of Tapeworm, you should eventually receive a side job called “Chippin’ In”. The job is pretty self-explanatory, just follow the description. With the completion of this side job, you will unlock Johnny’s Aviators.

Item #3: Samurai Jacket

Same with the aviators, you should be able to unlock the jacket through the side job Chippin’ In. Rogue will offer you the Jacket out of the trunk of a car on the side job, therefore you should receive a replica of Johnny’s Samurai Jacket.

Item #4 : Malorian Arms 3516 (Johnny’s Gun)

This gun is pretty damn awesome. From a flamethrower that ignites when you punch someone, to dealing pretty high consistent damage, this gun is a keeper. In order to have this added to your inventory, you have to take it from a guy named Grayson in the side job Chippin’ In.

After taking out the enemies aboard the cargo ship and knocking down Grayson, you will take back the gun as an option that pops up.

Item #5: Porsche 911 II (930) Turbo (Johnny’s Car)

For this one, you must pay attention because the reward is a car and it’s possible to mess it up. In order to obtain the key card as well as the location of the car you must NOT draw your weapon on Grayson in the side job Chippin’ In. Trust me, I’ve made this mistake. After finding Grayson and questioning him, you must avoid drawing your weapon because, with Grayson alive, he will tell you the location of the car as well as give you the key to unlock where it is.

Item #6: Pants

Definitely not as great as a car or gun, but still a necessary item for the whole set and required if you want to unlock the achievement of owning all of Johnny’s items.

So, for this item, you must find the pants in a suitcase situated in an apartment building from the gig “Psychofan”.

For me at least, I didn’t have the gig in my journal and if this is the case for you, you can find the gig as an undiscovered exclamation point in the southside of Glen.

Once you reach the apartment building, you’ll want to enter the elevator. From there, head to the apartment floor and if you have enough stats, you may be able to open the door to the apartment, if not, don’t worry. Climb up the ladder to the roof and head to the ledge facing the street, from there carefully jump down onto the balcony below and enter through the door. Then head upstairs and look for a suitcase; it should be found inside.

Note: If you have time to spare, there is a room inside that apartment on the second floor with a guitar inside and a locked keypad. The code to get in is 2065, however, it may tell you the code when you get near the door.

Item #7: Shoes

The final item to getting the complete set and unlocking the achievement “Breathtaking”. The shoes can be obtained through the gig “Family Heirloom”. If you have yet to discover this gig, you can find it as undiscovered in the southeastern portion of Charter Hill in Westbrook.

Once you reach the garage, you’re supposed to go for the gig and try your best to eliminate the enemy targets. After you have a clear path, head to the room on the far back wall, there you’ll see a locker and inside of it the shoes!

By now you should have unlocked all of Johnny Silverhand’s items and earned the achievement Breathtaking. I hope this guide as helpful and good luck exploring Night City!

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