VIZIO OLED H1 4K HDR Setup How to 4K 120Hz Xbox Series X & PS5 | Xbox One X/S, PS4, 4K Player

Today I show you how to setup 4K HDR and 4K 120Hz on the Vizio H1 OLED for the Xbox Series X and PS5.  Some simple instructions hidden from view and something isn’t working on the Xbox, so I show you how to get around it until they make a fix.

Out of the box, when you check the 4K TV Details page on the Xbox Series X – you do not get green checkmarks. In a perfect world you want all green checkmarks, and from this screen we are not getting that. To get to this screen on the Xbox – you have to go into settings –> General –> TV and display options and then select 4K TV Details.

So now we know it is not working out of the box – so we need to change things up. First press the menu button on the Vizio remote control. It will bring up a menu on the left hand side – select the first option “picture”. Then we need to scroll down to input picture settings. Note: this is not easy to find, as it is below advanced picture options.

Next, we need to scroll down to HDMI mode and change that from “auto” to 2.1. Automatic detect doesn’t work, so we want to make sure it is set to 2.1 specifically. You will notice that the screen goes black and the series x settings come back. Don’t change anything – just back out of the menu altogether.

Head back into 4K TV details in the Xbox menu and now we have all green checkmarks, including support for 4k 120hz gaming.

Note: if you get some glitching or strange, distorted imagery – check your Variable Refresh Rate (or VRR). You may have to go to settings –> General –> TV and display options –> allow variable refresh rate. Once this is done, you will be good to go.

For the PS 5, it is very similar, except the PS 5 does not support VRR. Easy.

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