MMORPG Content Struggles – Failed First Impressions

In this video, I take a look at a number of MMORPG’s that had promise, but ended up being less fun than doing housework. Let’s go through them together!

Wild Terra II – New Lands

The first thing I noted is that there was very limited character customization. The male character, in particular, looks a little odd. 

At the start you can select one of two paths – you can play as a Feudal Lord or a lowly Peon. I opted to go with feudal lord, though I do have a soft spot for peons…

In terms of controls, it has the standard WASD to move (not just the mouse).  You could chop wood with your hands, build fires, hunt the local wild life.  The best part was definitely the fact that I got to punch goats. In the face.

With all that said, this game is not very engaging. It felt like it simply gave me a list of boring chores to do.  I had no fun playing it, and I even bumped into inventory issues in the first few minutes – a very bad sign!

The Yellow King

yellow king game

The Yellow King is an early access RPG made by only two developers and 3 artists.  The controls of the game are as follows. You attack when you do a left click and right click however it still shows the mouse cursor. This is a big issue, as it feels like your mouse is actually on the screen. Also, as you hold the alt key, your mouse cursor disappears. The question is why? It should not be on the screen in the first place.

In regards to interacting with things in the game, you are not told how to pick up loot, or interact with anything in the game for that matter (you have to press F).  

The game shows some promise, but with terrible controls (I even found myself clicking on my second monitor for no reason), you’ll want to pass on this one.

Reign of Darkness

The game starts off inauspiciously, as there is only one race – human – that you can choose from. You can select either a male or female to start, and there is very little character customization. With all that said, the character looks pretty good, despite the lack of customization. 

In terms of gameplay, the game has some traditional MMORPG components, like the yellow exclamation point over quest givers. Also, you can also spec in one of 8 different paths – we go with the Barbarian spec.  Also, you get 3 abilities to start. As a Barbarian, we were lacking damage and the abilities didn’t impress.

The first quest of the game doesn’t work like you’d expect, as it doesn’t tell you when you have handed it in.  This was highly frustrating, counter-intuitive, and I opted to move on. Skip this one.

Dungeons & Dragons – Neverwinter

The first thing I noted is that this game has a lot of races you can choose from. In terms of classes, you get to choose one of eight different classes.  In this run through, I’ve opted to start as a Dwarf Paladin.  A very wide, and sturdy boy…

In regards to your choice of racial abilities, we went with strength, as we want to be a DPS Paladin.  There are a few presets you can select from, we have opted to go with a wide angry dwarf look.  

In terms of controls, you left click to attack, press shift to use your guard (block) however the guard animation is kinda wonky. 

The game is action packed, filled with explosions, and the early levels were enjoyable. That said, the voice acting was pretty rough. 

I also chose to boost my character to level 70, something you can do for approximately 45 Euros.  When you do this, you unlock a number of new abilities.  The max level is 80 at the moment.

The major issue with this game is that although you can boost to level 70, you have to go back and do all the of the old, lower level content to get access to the level 70 content.  What is the point?  It also cost me 45 Euros!

Shattered – Tale of the Forgotten King

This main menu looks very souls like.  The default controls are perplexing to say the least.  The default move forward button was “Z”.  WTF?  The game has a unique double jump which takes a little getting used to.  

The left click has a 3 click combo, the right click does a big jumping spin attack.  The camera changes depending on the environment you go through, which I found quite interesting. 

This game is a miss.

Wigmund: The Return of The Hidden Knights

In Wigmund, you can choose from one of three difficulties – Knight, Master, or Hero.  It has an old school look, but the controls are very weird, particularly the movement. The first thing I noted is that it is not a standard WASD, but it is a “left click” to move.  

Seriously, the challenge of this game is the controls.  For example, to access your inventory, you need to press “e”. I’ve never played a game that has e for inventory. Also, you have to press control and shift while dragging your mouse around to execute tasks and commands. This is a strange setup.

Overall these games drained my willpower too much.  I would rather have been doing housework than playing the games on this list.  


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