Ashes Of Creation – Mage Preview And Abilities

Empyrean Mage

Every MMORPG needs a mage – and Ashes of Creation is no exception. The funny thing is that the mage appears to be a hybrid between a spell caster and an acrobat. The animations are a little over the top (so much jumping), especially for the low level spells. We can only imagine what the animations will look like for the higher level spells!


Not much you can say about this one – every mage in every game casts it. Throws a fireball at your target – deals instant damage.

Lightning Bolt

Shoots forward a beam of lightning that damages enemies in a line in front of you.

Black Hole

Summons a black hole at the target location that slowly pulls in enemy targets.

Drain Essence

Drains your target – converting their health into mana for yourself.

Blinks forward in the direction you are travelling.

Lava Storm

Creates a field of lava at the selected location. Deals additional damage in the centre of the ability. Deals area damage around the caster when cast.

Meteor Storm

Summons forth a meteor storm, dropping 3 meteors on the target location. Each meteor deals large area damage upon impact.

Prismatic Beam

Spawns a gigantic prismatic beam of energy that can be aimed around you. Deals large damage to enemy targets and slows their movement while being hit.


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