Ashes of Creation – Will It Succeed?

The Real Reason Ashes of Creation Can Succeed Where Other MMOs Failed

The hype levels for Ashes of Creation are continuing to grow, but is it for good reason? The games creative director has had multiple interviews with large gamers and streamers, and they are taking the feedback on board. Better yet, every month they release new footage on their Youtube channel that is now over 120,000 subs. This is quite the achievement.

WoW Killer?

Over the past few months a lot of people, particularly YouTtubers, have commented on whether Ashes of Creation will be the next World of Warcraft killer. The typical thinking is there have been hundreds of MMOs released over the past decade and none of have yet dethroned WoW, so it is likely that AoC will fail as well. I understand the skepticism, but Ashes of Creation is not like the MMOs that have failed in the past.

Ashes of Creation is Different

The first, and possibly biggest reason this game is unique is that this is the first, and only, MMORPG that has been funded and developed by a life long MMORPG fan. Better yet, their stated main goal is to simply build the best MMORPG possible. No outside pressure from investors, the developers have complete artistic control over the game and the game has a realistic budget.

A lot of Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games failed in the past for a variety reasons, some of the most notable being pay to win, aggressive monetization, and poor business models. Ashes will not have these issues as they are going with the tried and true (and tested) subscription model. Also, many other MMO’s have publishers rush the game to release and change the vision of the game – issues that will not be present in Ashes of Creation as this is a self-published game.

The final, and probably the biggest factor for why MMORPGs fail is developers not listening to feedback, particularly MMORPG community feedback. Feedback is one of the ways Developers can make the changes necessary for the game to truly succeed.

ashes of creation is it worth playing


I’ve recently had a chance to play the pre-alpha game, and while I can’t discuss the specifics (I am under NDA), I can state that the game needed to make changes to the core fundamental gameplay. Steven actually replied to me directly asking for my feedback and I believe it was fully taken on board.

The team, and Steven particularly, listened to my suggestions and they appear to be taking them onboard. Better still, they seem like they are okay with delaying the release of the game to get it right.

Can you imagine if the WoW Developers listened to the community feedback over the years? They would have done something about the awful Legendary system in Legion, there would be no Titan forging, no AP grinds making the game less alt friend in previous extension, and making the mistake of using borrowed power systems.

Raiding and Adaptive Difficulty

It turns out that raids will have adaptive difficulty levels based on your performance in previous raids. If your guild totally destroys a raid and kills a boss super fast – the next boss will be more difficult, better loot, and will adapt to the power of your group. If your group struggles, it will be a little easier. This is a very unique direction for PVE content. Adaptive difficulty is a very unique game design feature that will be very interesting to see in action.

All in all Ashes of Creation is shaping up to be the best MMORPG in a long time, and it may even be the best ever. Do you agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments below!


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