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We are back with another guide, and this time we will teach you how to craft an Amrine Tuning Orb. The Amrine Tuning Orb allows players to access the Amrine Excavation expedition, and this is the first dungeon that you’ll be doing in the game. You get to encounter enemies, mobs, and bosses, and you can get loot and chests from this expedition, so it’s important to know how to craft one. Let’s jump straight into it!

First, we need to identify what are the different items or ingredients you’ll need to craft the Amrine Tuning Orb. What you need are the following:

  • 1 Eternal Heart
  • 1 Iron Chisel
  • 10 Corrupted Sliver
  • 50 Stone Block

We’ll show you how to get each item that you need.

0:24 Corrupted Sliver

The way to get the Corrupted Sliver is to first go to your map and hover your mouse over the red icons; it’ll say “Corrupted Monoliths” (refer to picture below). 

You can see a bunch of these on your map, some recommend for you to be at level 35 but there are some that would be good for level 25. Once you find those, you can just go over there and kill a bunch of corrupted mobs and you’ll be able to gather some slivers. You can repeat this process until you reach 10 Corrupted Slivers. 

0:56Stone Block

This is fairly easy, what you need to do is gather some stones, then head to a stone cutting table and you’ll be able to craft stone blocks. Remember that you need 50 of these, so just repeat the process until you reach the required number of Stone Blocks. 

1:07Iron Chisel

So, for the Iron Chisel, you have to go to your faction commander, be it Marauders, Syndicate, or Covenant, and go over your mission board. Then you’ll see the “Buy Reward” button. 

If you click on it and scroll down, you can see how much you need to buy the Iron Chisel. It will cost 500 tokens; if you have enough tokens just go and buy it, but if you don’t you can just do some missions in your faction board and earn enough to buy an Iron Chisel.

1:41Eternal Heart

So the way you get an Eternal Heart is you need some:

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Life Mote
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Soul Mote
Death Mote

These are plants that you can gather everywhere, and you need 50 of each mote. Then you can just go to your stone cutting table, type “Eternal Heart”, and you can craft it. 

2:27Crafting Amrine Tuning Orb

After collecting all ingredients you need, just go again to your stone cutting table, type “Amrine”, then can craft your Amrine Tuning Orb. Easy-peasy!

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