Rift 2021 – First Impressions

Rift is a free to play, fairly traditional styled fantasy MMORPG that initially released in 2011. Since then the game has released multiple expansions to a declining player-base. Rift is most known for it’s open world RIFT events in which you kill enemies until a boss spawns and the rift closes.

This game also features PVP, Raids and a quick adventure mode that scales new players up to higher levels so they can participate in multiplayer content with friends.

So after revisiting rift for a bit in 2021 my updated pros and cons for the game are as follows.

rift 2021 review


  • I think the game has an interesting class system, I like that there’s a role of tank, healer and DPS for each of the starting archetypes, It’s super cool that you can spec to be a tank mage for example.
  • The game is free to play.
  • If you’re looking for a game that’s similar to WoW but not WoW then rift might be a decent option.
  • I enjoyed the games Instant Adventure system and it was surprising that the game gives you a way to group up with other players so quickly despite being a fairly low population game.
  • It’s also a large open world game in which you can move between zones without loading screens and invisible barriers.


  • The biggest CON has got to be the lack of people playing the game, it feels abandoned. Honestly speaking, it feels kind of sad playing an MMO without other players. To get the most out of this game, you have to go in with a group of friends.
  • The combat and general gameplay is like a less smooth and polished version of WoW.
  • The game’s published by Gamigo who’re probably the worst publisher I’ve ever had contact with in the gaming industry. I won’t get into specifics but I don’t trust this company and the people in charge are utterly incompetent.
  • The game as a whole feels a bit outdated right now and it doesn’t offer anything too unique to compete with other MMOs.


I remember seeing Rift as quite an interesting MMO when it first launched. The whole dynamic Rift events spawning in the world were really interesting and unique at the time, but over the years more MMOs have incorporated similar dynamic events in their worlds and Rift no longer has that Unique Selling Point.

Development wise it seems like they have fallen behind the competition and couldn’t keep up but during my time playing and going through the zones there was a certain cozy feeling I felt being in the world that I can’t really explain.

I can see why people enjoyed Rift as a decent alternative to WoW and I think this will be remembered as a decent MMO at the time of its release that just couldn’t keep up with the competition and was screwed by having a F tier publisher.


AuthorCurtis Pyke
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